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Amalfi Dream: Monastero Santa Rosa

Towering over the crystal clear sea of the Amalfi Coast, Monastero Santa Rosa is a stunning hotel in the Gulf of Salerno, built in the XVII century by Dominican nuns. Discover the hotel perched between high stone walls, filled with four levels of gardens, lush landscaping and an unforgettable view, and get a taste of true Italian hospitality with Michelin-starred meals and thermal Spa experiences.

​Stretching for over thirty miles between a crystal clear blue sky and the iridescent water of the Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi Coast appears as a magical landscape straight out of a painter's imagination, from the colorful houses stacked on top of each other to the lush green vegetation of the gulf. Looking at the lively villages on top of the Latter Mounts, it's easy to image the perfume of the renowned Amalfi lemons and the sounds of the waves on the shore.

Conca dei Marini is one of these stunning coastal villages, with a centuries-old maritime tradition, built as natural balcony overlooking the sea. Here, the grandiose architectural structure of the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel is a staple of the scenery, having towered over the shore for centuries.

​The Monastero Santa Rosa was built as a monastery for Dominican nuns in the XVII century; its silhouette is instantly recognizable from every corner of the Amalfi Coast and has been a symbol of the area for centuries. From this high standpoint, the Sisters conducted their daily lives made of traditional baking and support for the local community, contributing to the creation of the vibrant legacy of the region.

Today, the original structure has been accurately and respectfully restored into an exclusive boutique hotel preserving its historic heritage, and the 2012 reopening signified a further step towards the conservancy of the rich culture of the Amalfi Coast.

​The hotel is built around the vision of offering luxury through simplicity: the rooms of Monastero Santa Rosa are quiet, secluded, and carefully furnished to provide comfort and peace. With classic furniture pieces such as upholstered armchairs and wooden coffee tables in the traditional Costiera colors, with greens and blues as the absolute protagonists, the atmosphere is highly curated yet spontaneous. True Italian antiques and modern pieces were sourced by a local Neapolitan designer to create an elegant ambiance.

As the hotel is built on different levels to accommodate the true shape of the mountain, guests can wander around four different gardens with lush landscaping and enjoy the moment on the white sun beds that face the stunning scenery of the Gulf or swim in the infinity pool in front of the sea.

​Monastero Santa Rosa takes pride in curating an all-around and holistic experience for its guests, with a fully equipped Spa that preserves the original 17th Century vaulted ceilings and many of its rustic walls, maintaining the monastic heritage of this beautiful property.

Additionally, the restaurant Il Refettorio boasts the unique creations of Michelin-starred Chef Christoph Bob that offers an innovative Mediterranean gastronomic experience for the most discerning palate, with the freshest ingredients from the surrounding Campania region.

At the Monastero Santa Rosa, guests can truly experience a luxurious yet authentic retreat, enjoying the slow and rich life of the Amalfi Coast in one of its signature places, relaxing under the Italian sun.

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Via Roma 2, 84010 Conca dei Marini, Italy

+39 0898321199