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Six Stunning Retreats in Rome

Explore six stunning hotels to stay in during your stay in the eternal city of Rome. For a stay in a historic palazzo choose Residenza Napoleone; pick Palazzo Dama for a stay in a nineteenth century Art Nouvea villa, Hotel Vilòn for some art décor vibes or choose from Palm Suite, G-Rough and Piazzadispagna9 for a more contemporary Roman stay.

Experiencing the luxury of 16th century in Rome is one of the best way to enjoy your journey to the eternal city. ​Residenza Napoleone was built in the second half of 16th century and was later acquired by the Ruspoli family, the current residents. A hard-to-miss historical building, the palace was conceived as a venue for diplomatic negotiants and a high society meeting point, a showcase for the noble families of the city and for those travelling from abroad; its strategic position also allowed the guests to view the spectacular Roman Carnival from a favored point of view.

Art Nouveau is the main character of ​Palazzo Dama: once inside this nineteenth century Art Nouvea villa, guests are surrounded by an atmosphere of regal purity representing beauty and design at its finest. ​Once home to one of the oldest noble families in Europe, the Malaspina, and host to high society gatherings, today Palazzo Dama has been transformed in a magnificent five stars hotel. Behind this transformation lies the innate talent of the Italian architect Antonio Girardi, who oversaw the whole renovation.

Rome is also known for its countless hidden treasures; located in Campo Marzio in the center of the city, Hotel Vilòn is one of these unexpected finds, carrying the ancient flair of the location combined with luxurious hospitality solutions. A stroll away from Piazza di Spagna and the Pantheon, and facing the stunning Palazzo Borghese, here you can indulge in a Art Décor inspired atmosphere with contemporary hospitality touches for an unforgettable experience. Hotel Vilòn is a historic 16th century palazzo that once belonged to the Borghese family and it is the perfect starting point for an authentic Roman experience.

A unique stay is also waiting for you at ​Palm Suite​, located in the heart of Rome, this elegant boutique apartment is a perfect example of how the cultural heritage of a Palazzo perfectly blends with modern hospitality. Palm Suite has been developed in a 18th-century building, just a few steps away from the gardens of the Roman Imperial Forum and overlooking the Basilica of Maxentius and the Colosseum. Palm Suite features colorful contemporary interiors inspired by the palm leitmotif that has been present as a decorative pattern throughout Rome since ancient times. The palm and floral theme are repeated throughout the décor and bold, bright colors and exotic patterns dominate the spaces, enhanced by unique furnishings and accessories.

​​Piazzadispagna9 is a visionary space in the beautiful city of Rome: created by interior designer Stefania Grippo, it is an exclusive boutique hotel and an innovative gallery where art installations, bespoke pieces and limited edition artworks are showcased periodically. Characterized by an ultra modern look and a sophisticated atmosphere, this spectacular Boutique Hotel is furnished with a unique selection of one-of-a-kind pieces, while stunning décor elements make every room a work of art. Located in the heart of Rome, the hotel is at the third floor of a XV century building - former historical residence of the renowned Austrian artist Franz L. Catel - overlooking Piazza di Spagna, one of the most evocative and famous spots in Rome.

​To experience the characteristic Italian bon vivre in an exquisite contemporary location, don't lose ​G-Rough. The passion for art and design are at the heart of G-Rough: its interiors are furnished with some of the most iconic pieces of Italian design from the 30s to the 60s that combined with the 17th century architecture and finishes of the building, result in a contemporary interpretation of the memory and the beauty of the past. Located in the heart of Rome, this unconventional luxury hotel offers an innovative concept of hospitality that gives guests the chance to see Rome from a different eye.