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Sicilian Grandeur at Villa Igiea

Nestled at the base of Mount Pellegrino in the vibrant city of Palermo, Villa Igiea is a coral-hued Art Nouveau palazzo with a unique aristocratic charm. Travel back in time to when Belle Epoque was at its peak, and discover the story of one of the most glorious symbols of Sicilian history.

Originally built as a private Palazzo at the end of the 19th century, ​Villa Igiea still preserves its unique historical charm. The Florio family restored this majestic mansion and transformed it into one of the most luxurious hotels in Sicily, an authentic Art Nouveu jewel at the foot of Mount Pellegrino. Since its opening, the hotel soon became one of the epicenters of upper-class and Belle Epoque aristocracy in Europe, thanks to its unique heritage of splendor and exquisite architecture.

Today the palazzo is a symbol of elegance and hospitality, evoking the feeling of the private residence which it once was. Here the guest can truly breathe the same grandeur spirit of Villa Igiea’s past, from the rattan design pieces to the colorful majolica tiles and the local marbles, each detail is made to pay homage to the palace’s ancient splendor. Recalling the joyful atmosphere of the Golden Age, the lush garden surrounding the building makes Villa Igiea a haven of peace on the Tyrrhenian Sea, a few steps from the vibrant city of Palermo.

The most shining jewel in Villa Igiea’s crown is the majestic Sala Basile, with its Sicilian Art Nouveau style murals designed by the revered painter Ettore de Maria Bergler that act as a color chart for the hotel’s interior design.

This spirit of grandeur and luxury is not limited to the grand mirrored ballroom, but you can feel it in all the spaces, from the welcoming suites to the common areas such as the characteristic library. Here the guest can find a vibrant showcase of Sicily, with various books about regional history and cuisine, historical prints of Villa Igiea’s architecture and original paintings by Giovanni Boldini. Both an educational corner and calming space, the room is peppered with traditional Sicilian ceramics and Moro's heads in the tone of turquoise, reflecting the Tyrrhenian Sea and decorated with antique furnishings exquisitely restored.

Furnished with classic antiques and sumptuous fabrics in serene shades, each guestroom and suite are homages to Sicilian culture. Every element imbues grandeur with soaring ceilings, beds canopied in tapestry, and walls clad in rich blue, gold, and sage hessian. Eager to support Italian craftmanship, the designers worked with the world-famous San Patrignano Community in Italy to design unique wallpaper for each of the guestrooms and suites.

Each space is designed with an individual flair, which aims to take guests by surprise as they return time and time again. Locally crafted elements pay homage to the villa’s extraordinary setting and the walls are covered with artwork evoking Sicily's beauty and heritage resulting in spaces that are both contemporary and classic.

Guests can travel through time crossing the original Louis XVI Hall. Now named Florio Restaurant, its decadent interiors pay homage to the era’s elegance with a restrained colour scheme and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, which bathe the space in soft natural light and reveal views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Grand antique mirrors give the perception of an infinite garden, reflecting the large green rattan vases that are filled with Mediterranean plants. Seamlessly connected through the continuation of parquet flooring is a ‘winter garden’ breakfast room, the design of which was inspired by early 20th-century design.

Villa Igiea is the perfect starting point to discover the beauties of Palermo city and Sicily’s incredibly rich artistic legacy. From The Palazzo dei Normanni, which was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination, to Monreale’s cathedral, commissioned by the Norman ruler of Sicily William II, this is a city steeped in history - and a must-visit destination for Mediterranean food lovers. Discover more about Sicily and regional craftsmanship in our Viaggio in Italia insider’s guide.

Villa Igiea


Via Belmonte, 43, 90142 - Palermo (PA)

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