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Engraving Traditions by Arte Veneziana

Explore the world of Arte Veneziana: a brand that represents the modern expression of the Venetian engraving tradition. Through constant research, attention to contemporary trends and innovative production technologies, Arte Veneziana rediscovers Venetian artistic history and craftsmanship.

​Tell us the story of Arte Veneziana?

The story of ​Arte Veneziana is rooted in the tradition of fine artistic craftsmanship. Thanks to Fratelli Zanin’s passion and knowledge of etching on glass, this story continues, combined with a flair for contemporary design. Master artisans and engravers carry out a noble art that is rare nowadays. Arte Veneziana preserves it so that new generations can rediscover the value of things made slowly and with care.

​Etching on precious mouth-blown Murano glass is at the heart of Arte Veneziana. What are your main production techniques?

Our techniques are highly artistic and cannot be replicated by a machine. They vary depending on the taste and sensibility of each master artisan. Engraving on the lathe uses a grinder with wheels of different sizes and materials that give the design a three-dimensional effect. The grinding technique experiments with more geometric lines. With beveling the corners get rounded; etching with the pen allows to draw on the surface of the glass with a diamond tip; while the “églomisé” scratching technique has a definite French style.

Arte Veneziana experiments not only on glass but also on other materials such as marble and wood, creating splendid interior design collections. What are the differences in the market and what makes them special?

The peculiarity of our products is the maniacal attention to detail and the impossibility of replicating a piece in order to make it identical to another. Who turns to Arte Veneziana buys a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Our aim is to create works of art, pieces that gain more value with the passing of time, as it happened with the great masterpieces of the past.

​In which ways do you combine the historic craftsmanship of your products to the current trends?

International designers and architects research current trends to make us competitive in the market. Our added value is our craftsmen’s knowledge, combined with a contemporary design that reflects what the market wants. Developing trends is our way to make our art known.

What are your projects for the future?

We continue to do what we are good at- High artistic manufacturing. For years fast was synonymous with beautiful, we strongly trust in returning to slow, distinctive things that handmade and customizable. The objective is to create works of art, pieces that gain more value with the passing of time, as it happened with the great masterpieces of the past. We believe what Mandela wisely said, A winner is a dreamer that never gives up.