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Bull Microcell Vase - Main view


Bull Microcell Vase

USD 705
Ships in 6-7 weeks

This Freaklab Microcell Vase is made entirely by hand with the lathe and modeling technique. For this series of vases, we have chosen three stylized animals, the bull, the monkey, and the bird. The bull represents strenght. The decorations represent a cellular micro world that lives an autonomous life on the surface of the macro world of the three animals. Each piece is handmade, thus unique. You have the option to customize the size of the item. Please, ask the Concierge for further details.

Handcrafted for you in Italy in 6-7 weeks
Shipping to Canada: USD 50

Product Details

MaterialCeramicsDimensions (cm)W 28 x D 49 x H 40Product referenceFREARG-078Tearsheet

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