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Glassmith - Veneto, Italy

Architect Carlo Guazzo established Tuttoattaccato in Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza out of his passion for traditional artistic craftsmanship. Deeply rooted in his territory, Guazzo’s collections highlight the expertise of local artisans specialized in ceramics, mouth-blown glass, wood, and leather. These masters use ancient techniques and finishes to produce modern pieces that inspire a world of conviviality.


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Tuttoattaccato is an Italian brand that celebrates excellence at the Table by reinterpreting Iconic Designs of Italian Custom through Master Craftsmen of Ceramics and Blown Glass.


Tuttoattaccato is a collection of Glasses and Carafes by Carlo and Francesco Guazzo. Immersed in a land of skilled artisans, father and son combine their visions to celebrate the cultural heritage of their area by enhancing the historic manufacture of ceramics and blown glass.

From the lampworking of glass with colored rods to the meticulous decoration of ceramics with 24 K Gold, Tuttoattaccato enhances the art of drinking through convivial objects with timeless appeal. Exclusively handcrafted by artisans in the Bassano del Grappa area, each object pays homage to the soul of the Veneto people, who have always been characterized by a distinct ability to create timeless cocktails and globally recognized spirits.

Each carafe and glass is the result of combining the skills of several artisan families who hand down knowledge jealously guarded from generation to generation. From the lampworking of borosilicate glass to the potter's wheel of ceramics, each work is the result of experimentation combined with techniques of tradition.

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Tuttoattaccato is a conscious brand with a strong work ethic. Each artifact is made with top-quality materials that are constantly checked, limiting the waste of resources. Francesco and Carlo pay special attention to the conditions in which artisans work so that each item can express its full splendor. All creations are shipped with plastic-free packaging and contain inside a brief introduction to the reality and the different collections.

Tuttoattaccato is a young brand characterized by the strong union of intentions of father and son with the ambition to celebrate moments at the table and interface with an international audience curious and passionate about the Bel Paese. The collection of glasses and carafes makes its debut at Milan Design Week in 2019 and presents a new line every year, alternating neo-classical designs with modern and minimalist shapes inspired by everyday life. The recent collection 'Bark' is an example of the combination of ancient techniques and innovative approach to the world of blown glass.