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Greenkiss by Paolo Castelli

Paolo Castelli, Hubert de Malherbe and Thierry Lemaire design Greenkiss: their new luxury and eco-responsible capsule collection, entirely made in Italy. Discover furniture and lighting pieces with an exclusive minimal and elegant look, inspired by Italian and French design of the 50’s and 70’s.

​Greenkiss is the ethical capsule collection resulting from the creative talents of designers Hubert de Malherbe (retail designer) and Thierry Lemaire (architect and designer), combined with the savoir-faire of ​Paolo Castelli, creative director and CEO of the namesake Bologna-based company. The collection comprises tables, armchairs, seats and light fittings, and reflects the finest Italian and French design of the 50’s and 70’s: clean, elegant and balanced.

Today, sustainability is a necessary tool. Design without considering the environmental issue means to act out of time and out of the market.

​This capsule collection is the product of a collaboration: the furnishings have been designed by all three partners, within a sincere exchange based on friendship which has made it possible to develop new techniques that are both courageous and ecological. The quality of the materials, which are all either regenerated, recouped or ethically produced under strictly controlled conditions, is enhanced by geometric styling, graphic details and asymmetrical proportions.

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​Expression of a new minimal and conscious luxury concept, each piece is designed with extreme attention to detail and artisanal techniques to generate charming artworks in perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The values of made in Italy are thus reinterpreted from a green, sustainable point of view. While each piece is not 100% eco-designed, each is based on the careful selection of recycled materials and ethical production channels.

​Each design object features at least one great ecological strength, especially regarding the choice of materials: second-rate wood, glass, stone, recycled textiles and concrete, natural fibers, sustainable ceramics. This choice also finds expression in the preservation of organic shapes: from pebbles to pistils, up to insects and other lightweight forms.

The shared choice of an empathic design led the French designers to spend a great deal of time in Bologna, living an immersive experience to explore the genuine values and the artisanal soul of Paolo Castelli’s company: technical innovation, creativity and reactivity made this dream come true, under the sign of noble luxury.