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The Art of Mosaic

Mosaic is an ancient technique consisting of a group of colorful tiles that vary in color, size, and shape, assembled together to create captivating images. Renowned for their vibrant colors and distinctive aesthetics, mosaics are true works of art that can infuse your interiors with a bold and unique touch, characterized by the meticulous craftsmanship of Italy. Explore our curated selection of mesmerizing furniture and décor pieces crafted using this intricate method.

Mosaic is the unique art of creating images and patterns by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. Its origins date back to the 3rd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia, where the first mosaics were found, made from fragments of colored stones, shells, and ivory. Traditional subjects for mosaics were mythological scenes or images inspired by daily life, utilizing this art as an early form of storytelling. The art of mosaic then started spreading around the world from Italian churches, adorned with ethereal glassworks, to Islamic architecture, featuring geometric shapes and vivid colors, and to Spain in artworks by Antoni Gaudì, such as the famous Park Guell. The park features long, winding rows of tile-covered benches and a mosaic dragon greeting visitors at the bottom of the steps.
This elaborate art form has endured through the ages thanks to the remarkable efforts of master artisans who, to this day, continue to invest their expertise in designing mesmerizing compositions of precious and colorful tiles, known as "tessere" in Italian. Explore our collection and discover the various styles that the traditional mosaic technique can create. Delve into the history of Italian craftsmanship with colorful coffee tables and stools by Casarialto, elegant furniture pieces and mirrors by Davide Medri, chandeliers and sconces by Sicis, beautiful mosaic crowns, sculptures, and decorative panels by Patrizia Della Valle, and vases by Serena Luxury Mosaic. Choose a piece from our wonderful selection to add a touch of history to your interiors.