The Art of Mosaic

Renowned for their vibrant colors and distinctive aesthetics, mosaics are alluring artworks designed with meticulously arranged colored tiles. Discover our curated selection of mesmerizing furniture and décor pieces made with this ancient technique: from the sparkling tiles of Casarialto's hourglass stools to Scarpelli’s unique mosaic tableaux.

​Mosaic is the unique art of creating images and patterns by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. Its origins date back to the 3rd millennium BCE in ancient Mesopotamia, where the first mosaics were made of raw fragments of colored stones, shells and ivory. Traditional subjects for mosaics were mythological scenes or images of daily life: an early form of storytelling.

The art of mosaic transcends time and culture, spreading around the world from Italian churches, adorned with ethereal glassworks, to Islamic architecture, featuring geometric forms and vivid colors. This elaborate art form has reached our times thanks to the remarkable efforts of master artisans that, to this day, still design mesmerizing compositions of precious and colorful tiles, or "tessere".

​Many methods and techniques are involved in creating a mosaic: Casarialto and ​Mosaique experiment with the ancient technique of “assemblage”, using small tiles of selected glass and creating compositions with a strong, vivid personality.

The art of ​Scarpelli Mosaici is enshrined within the Florentine mosaic tradition: their one-of-a-kind technique consists in creating paintings using fragments and flakes of colored stones. In the ​Traversari workshop, “micro-tessere” are assembled to represent extremely accurate subjects, achieved with painstaking artistic finesse.

Discover our selection of the most beautiful furniture and décor pieces handmade in Italy by master mosaic artists.

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