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Unconventional Luxury According to G-Rough

G-Rough is not only a hotel in the heart of Rome . It is a place where one can experience the real Italian bon vivre, in an exquisite contemporary location that communicates a strong passion for art, design and the beautiful things of life.

​In the neighborhood of Parione in Rome, right in front of the renowned statue of Pasquino, one of the most illustrious “talking” statues of the city, is the entrance of G-Rough, a hotel located in a striking 17th century building surrounded by antique stores, art galleries, small restaurants, and other spots where young artists and creative minds of the capital mingle.

​G-Rough is not only a hotel in the heart of Rome but a multifunctional place where one can experience the real Italian lifestyle while living a contemporary location. G-Rough offers an innovative concept of hospitality that gives guests the chance to see Rome from a different eye. Upon arrival, guests find a guide known as “Owner’s Tips”: a selection of restaurants, gelato parlors, and tearooms that have been tested for generations and range from the most down-to-earth and authentic to the most sophisticated in town. With its many souls, G-Rough attracts refined guests such as designers, artists, photographers, antique collectors, poets, and musicians from around the world.

​The passion for art and design are at the heart of G-Rough. Its interiors are furnished with some of the most iconic pieces of Italian design from the 30s to the 60s that combined with the 17th century architecture and finishes of the building, result in a contemporary interpretation of the memory and the beauty of the past. The building faces the dome of the church of Sant’Agnese in Piazza Navona and the mood inside is the result of a unique concept where art pieces belonging to owner and eminent art collector, Gabriele Salini, live side by side with works by masters such as Giò Ponti, Guglielmo Ulrich, and Ico Parisi, along with objects by younger designers. The setting can look at times as an elegant art gallery with anything from walls to objects emanating an atmosphere of sophisticated beauty, and at times as a conceptual space that celebrates the most iconic Italian design framed by the most authentic Roman architecture.

​Each room is furnished with one-of-a-kind pieces coming from vintage boutique shops, antique auctions, modern art collection fairs, and artists’ workshops. The ten suites celebrate some of the most influential Italian designers and carry their names, while on their entrance doors there are stylized portraits of each of them. In every suite there is a collectible piece: table and chairs by Ico Parisi, the eclectic bar cart by Giò Ponti, lamps by the couple Afra&Tobia Scarpa, and the parchment closet by Guglielmo Ulrich.

​If you notice drawings on the wooden ceilings, wall drawings on the stair walls and writing scraped on the walls - these are a trace of Art is Real, a 24 hour-long performance thought by Guendalina Salini and Silvia Litardi before the conservative and respectful restoration of the building went underway. On that occasion, in April of 2014, twenty Roman artists and one artist coming from New York filled the whole palace with art, sounds, performances, and installations.

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