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Grand Hotel Timeo: Italian Summer in Taormina

Carved into the Taormina hills, overlooking Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, Grand Hotel Timeo is an authentic icon of Sicilian charm. The first hotel to be built in the city, it celebrates 150 years of history and represents the real essence of Italian summer. Discover Grand Hotel Timeo, where old-world grandeur meets the warm Sicilian spirit.

Grand Hotel Timeo is one of the most historic hotels of Sicily, and a true jewel in the crown of Taormina. A Prussian baron first put it on the map in 1863: Otto Geleng had travelled to the Sicilian city fascinated by the breathtaking views on the majestic sea landscape. He depicted the stunning magic of this place and invited many art critics to Taormina, marking the beginning of the tourism in the town.

Taormina’s fame spread, making it one of the stops of the Grand Tour and bringing luminaires such as Klimt, Klee and Wagner to visit and enjoy this place. Today, Grand Hotel Timeo still keeps its ancient charm and offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the authentic spirit of Italian summer, surrounded by lush terraced gardens, antique monuments and the sparkle of the Ionian sea.

One of the main lures of the hotel is no doubt the amazing location. The building overlooks the beautiful Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea and is privileged by the presence of a discrete bridge which leads to the ruins of the ancient Greek Theater, one of the antique wonders of the world. The hotel is a true stage on Sicilian beauty and the suites boast hypnotic views over the beautiful gardens, the clustered terracotta rooftops of the medieval town and beyond to the headlands brushing the crystalline sea water.

Grand Hotel Timeo represents the embodiment of authentic Sicilian glamour.

With its fascinating past, Hotel Timeo is imbued with a unique charm and character and today it still retains the same spirit. What was the original guest house serves now as main building, characterized by terracotta details and perfectly blending with the surrounding scenery of the cascading hills.

The retreat is a prefect blend of Old-World grandeur and modern-day comfort, the main building is complemented by a completely new structure – Villa Flora – characterized by spacious and bright spaces and suites where the guest can enjoy the true essence of natural peace.

Each room features a tranquil pastel palette that fits the beautiful coastal location echoing the colors of the sea and the shades of the trees. Classic elegant furniture and lush materials populate the rooms, filling them with an unmistakable old-world allure. Inside, the decoration is inspired by Sicilian tradition, with legendary Moro heads and typical ceramics with colorful patterns.

The suites have their terraces and balconies, where the guest can admire the stunning panorama and enjoy the gentle sea breeze. Ancient paintings and precious vintage mirrors adorn the walls, recalling the hotel’s glorious past.

Dining at Grand Hotel Timeo is a feast for the senses. Against a backdrop of one of the greatest views in the world, guests are taken on an irresistible journey through sublime regional cuisine. The Michelin-starred restaurant takes its name from Otto Geleng, the Prussian baron that contributed to the fame of Grand Hotel Timeo and its setting evokes the ambience of a classic Sicilian villa, an elegant place where noble families would entertain their most important guests. Just eight tables occupy the terraced dining area, surrounded by blooming bougainvillea and sensational views of Naxos Bay and Mount Etna. Visiting Grand Hotel Timeo is like taking a dive into the past, immersing yourself in the sensations of a Sicily that smells of history and summer.

Grand Hotel Timeo


Via Teatro Greco, 59 - 98039 - Taormina (ME)

+39 0942 627 0200

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