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A Modern Day Farm: Masseria Moroseta

In a traditional white stone farmhouse, with a sunning view over olive groves and the sea, Masseria Moroseta is an all-around project that combines the authentic lifestyle of rural Apulia with a modern design, flair and hospitality. With cooking classes and walks in the stunning surroundings nature or in the traditional surrounding towns, guests can immerse themselves in the heart of Southern Italy for an unforgettable experience.

In the heart of the Apulia countryside lies a magical place between the wilderness of the olive groves and the beautiful Apulian coast. A few minutes away from the picturesque beaches and a short drive from the historical towns of Cisternino and Alberobello, well know for their traditional Apulian houses, the scenery is rich with old Apulian farmhouses known as Masserie, among which: ​Masseria Moroseta. A modern structure that pays homage to the traditional structures that have been the epicenter of the authentic Apulian lifestyle which centers around agriculture and self-sustainability, pairing it with modern design and hospitality solutions.

Masseria Moroseta is the first architectural project of designer Andrew Trotter​, that conveyed his fascination for the Apulian landscape and traditions in a modern villa inspired by the ancient farmhouses of the region. With an almost metaphysical structure, Andrew and owner Carlo Lanzini envisioned an innovative architecture that wouldn't feel out of place in the stunning setting: the clean, sharp lines of the Masseria are today immediately recognizable and have become a staple of the Ostuni region, but are nevertheless perfectly blended in the surroundings.

To further pursue the combination of innovation and tradition, all the materials for the construction have been locally sourced, including the renowned local sandstone tufo, the original component of Apulian architecture.

As the traditional structure of an Apulian farmhouse would be, the Masseria is built and centered around a courtyard with arches, limestone floors and white sandstone walls; here is the salon of the Masseria and the veranda where guests can appreciate stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and of the blue sea. The rooms are also meant to ​sustain the hotter days of Southern Italy's summers, with vaulted ceilings and stone floors designed to keep the spaces cool and breathable. Based on an eco-friendly approach, Masseria Moroseta was build using green building techniques and leverages on solar power and energy saving insulation solutions.

The six rooms of Masseria Moroseta are designed to ensure a natural yet luxurious experience: with raw materials, sophisticated linens and textiles, the rooms appear minimalist but with carefully sourced pieces. Details like stone sofas, private gardens with centennial olive trees, intricate rugs and majolica tiles make the space appear dreamy and let the guests enjoy the peace and relaxation of the place.

Masseria Moroseta intends to make the most of the regional traditions and the incredibly fruitful territory. The property has more than 650 centuries-old olive trees, the true gold of the Apulian region, where the owners of the Masseria still produce their own cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil following ancient processes and recipes. The oil is used daily in the kitchen by chef Giorgia Eugenia Goggi and is the star of the beauty and self care products offered by the Masseria.

The farm also produces km0, sustainable and unprocessed food, centering the Masseria around the importance of meals, the rituality of getting together and the passing of the seasons and their products.

At the Masseria, guests are encourage to stay for longer periods of time to fully enjoy and appreciate the authentic lifestyle of this magic land and to make the most out of its regional treasures: from long walks among the olive trees or at the beach, afternoon visits to the local workshops and artisanal gems. This magical place has an bunch full of truly unique experiences to offer.

Masseria Moroseta


Contrada Lamacavallo, 72017 Ostuni, Italy

+39 338 18 99 199

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