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Zash Hotel: Sicilian Paradise

In eastern Sicily, amidst citrus groves with a sublime view on Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, lies Zash: a country hideaway, a former winery and a Mediterranean garden all rolled into one. Walk away from the usual hustle and bustle and visit the splendid Zash Country Boutique Hotel.

​​Zash is a country boutique hotel where historical fragments meet contemporary taste in an exclusive location. Surrounded by the flourishing Sicilian countryside, where the scents of lemons and the sea melt together, this retreat is a magnificent 1930s manor house, refurbished by architect Antonio Iraci.

The main concept was to design an exclusive dwelling, a showcase of the rural surrounding where wide windows and glass walls allow the guest to enjoy the spectacular sensation of feeling wrapped up by nature.

Here all the senses are satisfied, by the primordial and deep sound of wind in the trees and by the fragrant scents of citrus: this is the perfect place to find a wild positive energy. Inside the hotel, the guest can savor the authentic charm of the past.

Each space has been restored using original elements from the ancient building, such as oak floorboards and the characteristic volcanic stone cladding. Visiting this place, one can immediately feel the essence of Sicily and the deep bond between the present and the past personality of the house.

​Even the name of the country hotel – Zash – is a recall to its rural origins: it represents the sound of the air within the leaves, only one of the infinite sounds that can be heard in this magical place.

The philosophy behind Zash concept is to rediscover the importance of time, to live in an intimate dimension made of slow gestures, intense perfumes and natural visions. The mansion is immersed in the nature and all the suites are designed to be completely open to the natural surroundings.

Zash experience is immersive and all-embracing: just think of the unique sensation of being immersed in the warm water of your private pool, enjoying the view of the majestic Etna on one side and the transparent sea on the other, breathing the fresh country air.

This emotion can be lived also inside each suite where, thanks to the glass walls, the chunky citrus trees become a natural wallpaper.

​One of the most characteristic environments of Zash country hotel is the restaurant, located inside the old wine chamber, where wine was fermenting in the old days. Here the time has stopped: the guest can really perceive the authentic history of this place, narrated through the raw stone walls, the impressive wooden beams across the rooms and the high vaulted ceilings made of limestone and pumice – a product of the still-active volcano.

Here the main character is the food, made of genuine local products which recall to a traditional Sicilian essence. Local wines and earth flavors are served in this suggestive location and prepared by the Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Raciti.

​Part of Zash hotel charm, lies in the uniqueness of this splendid side of Sicily: a place where the land changes inch by inch, where different ancient cultures coexist in the cultivation of Arab citruses and Greek olive trees.

This territory is surprisingly rich and there is something for every taste. From the wonderful natural environment of Nebrodi mountain range and Alcantara Gorges, to the historical heritage of Catania and Taormina, where folk traditions come to life: this is one of the most fascinating part of Sicily and absolutely worth a visit.