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Amura: Southern Italian Charm

Born in the warmth of southern Italy, Amura is a young furniture brand that carries within itself the authentic beauty of its land. Read their story and discover the multiple evolutions of a rural tradition.

Established in Altamura, one of the most characteristic towns of Apulia, Amura is deeply rooted in the founding elements of the local tradition. Craftsmanship and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of their production, based on a perfect synthesis of past and present, tradition and innovation.

Young and innovative, the furniture brand draws inspiration from the rural spirit of its land, respecting the natural and fragile beauty of each material through a conscious craftsmanship that use technology to enhance the quality of each detail. Amura design talks about a blending of senses, all recalling the exquisite quality of each piece. Discover Amura's story and their collection of contemporary furniture.

Amura incorporates the strong and authentic beauty of southern Italy, forged over time and through local tradition. How do Amura's inspirations and style tie in with its geographical origins?

Colors, shapes, smells, flavors: Amura's authentic inspiration begins with the senses, and from the unmistakable charm that southern Italy evokes in anyone who visits or inhabits it. Local peculiarities have become synonymous with Made in Italy quality all over the world. References to the land, origins, and tradition, are concepts that are wisely woven into products dedicated to well-being. Amura collections are an invitation to savor every moment and enjoy every nuance to rediscover the authentic essence of life.

The excellence of Amura pieces is expressed first and foremost through the meticulous selection of materials, which represent a physical expression of the company's philosophy and paradigms. What does the selection process entail?

Amura was established in a territory characterized by fragile and genuine beauty. As such, the brand selects materials of the highest quality respecting the environment, starting from the foundational elements of local tradition all the way up to cutting-edge materials.At the core of this practice is the resolve to not change the appearance, but rather enhance the natural characteristics.

Fully integrating contemporary design, technology, and quality manufacturing, your production interprets a universe of values with craftsmanship at its core. What does handcrafted production mean to you and how does it intersect with your spirit of innovation?

Amura unites the deep respect for craftsmanship with the innovative impetus given by continuous research, putting innovation at the service of craftsmanship, new materials, and production processes without ever losing touch with that invaluable expertise of manufacturing quality. Amura can be defined as a total fusion of the past, present, and future.

Despite its established values and deep ties to the local territory, Amura is a young company that has been able to expand beyond the Italian peninsula. Tell us about your international experiences.

The brand can count on a worldwide dealership network and two flagship stores in global design hubs: Soho, New York, and Brera, Milan. The company's mission is to promote the pride of our roots and the values that characterize this area on a global scale through our collections, expanding our network of showrooms.

At the core of Amura's avant-garde spirit is what you call "contamination", understood as a noble sharing of the arts generating hybrids that perfectly balance art and design. How does this process unfold?

All Amura projects are born from authentic inspiration and have their own story. What gives value to every single creation is precisely the story behind each product, the sensations that excite the user and make our collections timeless.