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Toscana, Italy | Designer

DygoDesign is renowned internationally for its daring research and experimental approach to materials and design. The fusion of art, technology, and sustainability is captured in innovative projects comprising numbered and certified pieces made using modern techniques and materials, such as three-dimensional printing. In creating tailored sculptural objects from exceptionally sustainable materials, DygoDesign combines exclusivity with elegance.


Veneto, Italy | Ceramist

Founded in 1971 by siblings Gianni and Loreta Lorenzon in Nova - a city renowned for its ceramic tradition - Lorenzon is a historical design brand specialized in magnificent ceramic pieces for traditional and modern residential and commercial interiors. Deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship tradition all the while maintaining a sharp eye on modern trends, its original designs are minutely crafted with passion and precision, evident in the delicate details characterizing each piece.

The Art & Design Group

Campania, Italy | Ceramist

The creative vision founder and director Elisabetta Buonaiuto sowed the seeds for “The Art and Design Group” to become an internationally-acclaimed brand celebrated for its one-off, functional pieces reflecting the essence of the artist or artisan behind them. Established in 2019, the original designs capture the imagination of their creators and transform that abstract language into artful collections of art designed exclusively for The Art and Design Group to elevate private or commercial spaces.


Campania, Italy | Accessories Maker

Independent design brand “MADE IN EDIT” unites international designers with exceptional artisans trained in traditional Italian crafting techniques to create contemporary collections that appeal to modern artistic sensibilities and decor needs. The dialogue between the past and present, the global and local, is revealed in its stupendous pieces fruit of the "Design in Residence" residency program promoted by EDIT Napoli focused on promoting and enhancing cultural resources and local production companies.

Le Dictateur

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Renaissance man Federico Pepe is today based in Milan, where, in 2006, he founded Le Dictateur, an editorial project and exhibition space that has served as a collaboration hub with artists Maurizio Cattelan, Patricia Urquiola, and many others. Previously Art Director for international communication agency DLVBBDO, he merges his graphic design, art, and video-making skills in eclectic collections crafted exclusively by hand. The New York MOMA and the London Tate Modern are just two of the prestigious museums that have hosted his artworks.

Galleria Esprit Nouveau

Campania, Italy | Furniture Maker

The artistic vision of Neapolitan interior designer Alberta Saladino Di Palma merges design, art, and 20th-century antiques in an original, distinctive aesthetic. Her aesthetic language comes to life in the Esprit Nouveau Gallery, a gem nestled in the monumental yard at Palazzo Calabritto, one of the most charming spots in Naples. Esprit Nouveau is the synthesis of her experiences and knowledge, embodied in furnishing pieces that capture that harmony between past and present with extraordinary, well-balanced eclecticism.

Chiara Berta

Emilia-Romagna, Italy | Ceramist

Trained in set design, Chiara Berta immersed herself in the world of ceramics by chance while working as a decorator in a small workshop. In 1999, she established her own ceramic workshop to continue exploring the medium and art form. Focusing on shapes and silhouettes, she aims at enhancing the singular, poetic character of the irregularities of a handmade piece. She uses different kinds of earthenware to create spectacular objets d’art inspired by great masters.

Alessi Salotti

Sicilia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Classic, modern, and ergonomic define Alessio Salotti’s singular sofas. Deftly handcrafted with minute precision and attention to detail by expert Italian artisans, the upholsteries are handsewn using top-quality materials and the cushions are padded with polyurethane foam to ensure long-lasting comfort. Based in Italy and the United States, Salotti collaborates with first-rate showrooms and architecture firms on permanent and exclusive collections.


Lazio, Italy | Furniture Maker

Defined by a tireless pursuit of geometric rigor with a hint of irony, Errante is the brainchild of architect Ivan Lomuti and artist Gabriele Villa. Driven by a desire to create objects that withstand the test of time and trends, the atelier specializes in furniture collections that stand out for their attention to detail and clever use of colors. Light plays a key role in Errante's collections, the careful study of the interplay of lights and shadows on surfaces resulting in sleek yete bold volumes that suit any decor.

The Sourcing Collective

Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Brainchild of Stefano Lago, the Sourcing Collective is a project that seeks to bring Veneto’s artisan heritage to the international stage. A close dialogue between customers, architects, and designers is behind every piece, ensuring timeless furniture designs defined by traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art techniques. Lago’s more than 20 years of experience in sourcing fine materials for firms across Europe, Asia, and North America paved the way for the atelier specializing in textiles, wood, marble, and glass manufacturing and securing exclusive collaborations.

Clara Holt

Lombardia, Italy | Ceramist

Italian artist Clara Holt creates magnificent, one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces that feature her original drawings. Clara's work focuses on storytelling, in the ongoing impulse to tell and convey stories, characters and experiences, often inspired by mythology, folk traditions, legends, real or fantastic tales. Each character is transformed into an entirely personal representation, and each work is peppered with hints of her own experience. Clara has exhibited her pieces in Italy and abroad and she currently lives in Milan.


Lombardia, Italy | Sculptor

Merging art and design in striking contemporary sculptural items, Castones was founded in 2020 by architect and designer Erica Zanella. Capturing the concept of space, each piece is distinguished by an emptied silhouette whereby the void truly gives shape to the object, allowing the spirit of the maker and the imagination of the viewer to reveal the nature of the piece. Castones are handcrafted solid gypsum monoliths reminiscent of stones: mixed only with water, they evoke natural, primitive shapes that capture the rock’s plasticity.

Mediterranea Design

Campania, Italy | Furniture Maker

Founded in 2007 in Cava de’ Tirreni, a city on the outskirts of the Amalfi Coast, Mediterranea Design is a multidisciplinary brand whose core mission is building a future where digital technologies and craftsmanship walk hand-in-hand. Guided by high sustainability standards, the brand focuses on proactive research for avant-garde techniques by computation processes, a method revealing artful, tailor-made collections. Stools, dining chairs, and ceramic vases are just some of the designs it presents that embody the special bond between digitalization and artisan mastery.

Navarini Rame

Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy | Blacksmith

Bathed by warm copper hues and the sound of a hammer beating an anvil, Navarini Rame is the Navarini family’s museum-workshop based in Ravina, near Trento, Italy. Artisans follow traditional craftsmanship techniques passed down generations, infusing their kitchen and tableware collections with nostalgic charm evoked by the rustic silhouettes. Founded in 1958 by Pierino Navarini, the brand is now in its second generation, guided by the creative direction of his three sons.

Testi Group

Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Boasting over a century of history and passion, Testi Group is a family-run business that seeks to celebrate marbles and natural stones through meticulous research and innovation. Based in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, its collections feature singular, first-rate pieces following novel, sustainable procedures rooted in traditional methods. In particular, the Collection Testi Edizioni focuses entirely on sustainability, using recycled materials to create one-off furniture that does not compromise on sophistication.

Enrico Girotti

Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Designer Enrico Girotti embodies artistry in its highest form. Trained in Industrial Design in Venice, his creations capture how technology and creativity ceaselessly interact and influence each other in the creative and production processes. This approach reveals iconic designs that - from ideation to assembly - are carefully studied and detailed. A designer for L'Oreal Paris and Artemide, he established his own brand in 2017 to express his personal design philosophy without creative constraints, constantly experimenting with materials, methods, and shapes.