About Artemest

Mediterranean Décor

Welcome a Mediterranean breeze into your interiors and enrich your space with representative pieces of Southern Italian culture. Discover a wonderful selection of items, from tabletop accessories to décor pieces, and embrace the beauty of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Browse through the collection and choose a unique addition for your space, crafted from traditional materials and handmade using ancient artisanal techniques.

Our Mediterranean-inspired collection features a variety of wonderful items that reflect the rich heritage and vibrant colors of the Italian coast. Imagine your dining table adorned with hand-painted ceramic plates and bowls, colorful decorative vases, figurines and artworks, each piece telling its own story of artisanal skill and tradition. Complement your living spaces with these pieces, showcasing the traditional timeless Italian motifs and patterns as well as traditional materials and ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Not only functional pieces, but true works of art to create a summery and warm ambience. Stunning colorful plates by La Bottega del Vasaio, decorative vases in gorgeous shades by Fratelli Bevilacqua and Ceramiche Micale, lemon adorned placemats by Cibelle or the preciousness of the Anticato spider table by Neapolitan artist Francesco Della Femina adorned with hand painted antique tiles. Each item in our collection not only serves a functional purpose but also brings warmth, character, and a touch of the Mediterranean sun into your home. Experience the charm and authenticity of Southern Italian décor and let your interiors radiate with the essence of the Mediterranean coast.