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Sculptural Sconces

Lighting is essential in any room, but rather than selecting fixtures solely for their functionality, there's a growing trend of using lighting as decorative elements in interior spaces. In this collection, you will find a variety of sculptural sconces that can elevate your space with their unique aesthetic. If you're looking to infuse style into your interiors, explore our selection and uncover non-traditional lighting options that seamlessly blend art with functionality, handcrafted by some of Italy's finest artisans.

Among the various elements of contemporary design, lighting stands out as a medium that allows designers to experiment, imbuing interiors with character. Since the introduction of widely available LED technologies in the mid-2000s, lighting fixtures have been liberated from the formal and functional limitations of traditional incandescent light bulbs, undergoing a complete transformation. Light can now be emitted from almost any shape or surface, becoming both objet d’art and a source of illumination. The beauty of these sculptural styles lies in their diversity, ranging from smooth, symmetrical structures to irregular profiles.

If you’re tired of traditional, unoriginal light fixtures, sculptural lighting offers the perfect modern touch for your space. Find inspiration in the colors and materials of our selection of sconces, which feature organic and soft textures as well as more geometric and rigid ones. These sculptural pieces have the power to completely transform a space by reflecting light in dazzling ways and giving it an artistic identity. Choose pieces inspired by nature, such as the Materia Sconce by Badari, the Hortus Monstera Leaf Sconce by Bronzetto, or the Acapulco Gold Sconce by Villari Home Couture. Alternatively, opt for more geometric and abstract shapes, as seen in the Kaleidos Large Sculptural Wall Light by Ghidini 1961, the Gaia Black Iron Cenere Wall Lamp by Laura Meroni, and the Stick 3-Light Golden Nickel Sconce by Contardi Lighting.