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Sicilian History at Palazzo Castelluccio

Hidden in the historic heart of the town of Noto in Sicily, Palazzo Castelluccio is a gleaming example of classic Sicilian architecture and decorative art. Discover the majesty of this noble residence, its stunning baroque style, and the story behind its incredible restoration.

The long story of Palazzo Castelluccio begins in 1782, when it was built as the residence of one of the oldest and most influential families of Val di Noto. Marquis Di Lorenzo di Castelluccio decided to give new life to the city after the devastating earthquake that destroyed Noto’s buildings.

The majestic palace stands out, among a maze of baroque buildings, with its elegant neoclassical style. Today the building is still a gleaming testimony to Sicilian architecture and decorative art and is one of Noto’s six grand palaces, decorated with period-style flourishes such as elegant golden candelabras and flamboyant tiled floors.

The 18th century Sicilian palace change hands on several occasions during the years, always preserving its innate charme and unique allure. In 2011 the French filmmaker Jean-Louis Remilleux purchased the palazzo to restore it. His main inspiration was a fictional novel written by Tomasi di Lampedusa – The Leopard – and, in addition to the stunning décor that characterized the original building, he decided to incorporate eye-catching pieces with the help of antiquities expert and local artisans.

The result is a unique place, comprising 105 rooms, including one exclusively made for music, a chapel and a ballroom: a true masterpiece of Sicilian excellence.

The façade of the Palace, on Via Cavour, does not have the same baroque style used for the reconstruction of the main buildings of the city, but instead reflects the neo-classical taste popular in the late 18th century, which can be found in the well-preserved frescoes on the ceilings and walls of the first floor.

The original Sicilian ceramic floors have all been restored and four years of work were needed to revive the Palace, respecting its fine finishing and its history. The frescoes were cleaned, the fabrics replaced, and the silver wallpaper remade identically. A collection of Italian and Sicilian furniture and paintings brought back the atmosphere of an inhabited palace.

Noto is the capital of Baroque in Sicily and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is perched on a plateau overlooking the Asinaro valley, covered by citrus, olive and almond trees. Palazzo Castelluccio is one of the flags of this heritage and represent a true jewel in the crown of the region. Today it is possible to visit this stunning work of art, thanks to Fondazione del Grand Tour, a young and dynamic reality born with the aim of sharing the beauties of the incredible island of Sicily.

Palazzo Castelluccio


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