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Glamorous Living by Chiara Provasi

With a strong and highly personal approach, Chiara Provasi’s work stands out for an intrinsic balance between nostalgic and original design, free from preconceived rules and stylistic formulas. Meet the designer and travel through her memories and inspirations.

​Combining ancient and modern elements, ​Chiara Provasi’s design is conceived as a made-to-measure approach, searching for unique combinations of luxury fabrics and eccentric shapes. Since childhood, Chiara Provasi has developed a love for Italian design and craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from her father’s work and inheriting his passion for tradition and creative approach.

Her travels are a starting point for her creative inspiration, bringing materials, colors and lines from different cultures into her projects and creating a unique creative universe. Meet the maker and discover her collection of timeless furniture pieces that harmoniously combine classic and modern flair.

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Eclectic and glamorous: your style stands out for the strong character of your designs. What is the message behind such bold formal choices which are far from pure exercises in style?

Each person is unique, and our home should be an expression of who we are rather than a reflection of current trends: this is the reason why I like to combine different elements to achieve an original and personal style. The “contamination”, the intermingling of different eras, references, and styles are crucial elements for me, defining the meaning of contemporary living.

For designers, I believe that it is important to develop over time one’s own personal "framing" of taste, comprising those shapes, expressive methods, and styles that, more than others, move and inspire them. It’s an entirely personal “filter” that accompanies us throughout the seasons and changes and that must be an alternative solution to standardization.

I never “want” to create a collection but, instead, design objects that both designers and clients can freely place in an interior - perhaps pairing them with vintage, antique, or minimalist pieces - so that each project tells a different story.

Your passion for design started early on and one can say that you grew up fully immersed in this world. What role did your family play in the journey that has become your present artistic identity?

The love for refinement and craftsmanship quality has been part of my life since I was a child. My father, who founded a company of classic-style furniture, was undoubtedly a big influence on me, with his work ethic and his deeply personal approach to design. In fact, he was an art and antiques collector before becoming an entrepreneur. There has always been a "trait d'union" between his passions and his creations, and it is this very strong bond that I also acknowledge in my work today.

Color is one of the key protagonists of your creations, the mark of an assertive taste and refined aesthetic. What role does color play for you and how distinctive is it of your style?

Color is very important and accompanies every aspect of my life. It is not an additional element but rather an intrinsic part of the creative process: its expressive qualities are cardinal and its ability to inspire emotions amazes me every time. Art is a big influence in my designs and, for this reason, color is always present with its very specific language.

Your latest creations attest to your strong interest in fashion. How do you think this passion of yours translates into signature Chiara Provasi's pieces?

There is a strong link to fashion in many of my designs, and this is not because I am inspired by fashion per se. Rather, I would say that I always like to explore new territories, such as distinctive “Made in Italy” processing techniques that, in some cases, have never been used in furniture making.

There is a direct correlation between the way we dress and how we live and organize our living space: fashion is influenced by art and design and design is, in turn, influenced by other forms of art. It is difficult to establish a dividing line, hence the concept of contamination, eclecticism, and openness to different horizons.

Travel goes hand in hand with inspiration and creativity, often providing the artist with new inspirations and perspectives. Given your passion for traveling, which was the last place you visited abroad that has influenced your creative process and aesthetic sense?

Travelling is important for any creative person and there is no doubt that the period of closure and isolation we recently underwent has had a strong impact on everyone. Personally, resuming my travels - albeit in different ways than before - meant reclaiming a part of our life that had been erased. I recently went to Provence, and its colors, along with the overpowering images of nature, have influenced the design of the latest creations I'm working on which will be unveiled soon.

Recently, many have rediscovered the importance and singularity of the “Made in Italy” trademark and your native region represents the hub of Italian design and craftsmanship. In your opinion, what is the future direction of these two sectors in Lombardy?

I am fortunate to work in design and to live in the extraordinary territory of Brianza and, in general, Lombardy, where, spanning just a few kilometers, it is possible to find artisan workshops of the highest caliber offering a wide range of handcrafted products envied the world over.

The future certainly involves the protection of this artisanal and artistic heritage, the excellence of “Made in Italy”. The hand-crafting techniques studied and carried out in our country are copied all over the world, and if this creative drive persists, if Italy maintains its reputation as the country of "beauty" where "saper fare” (know-how) merges with "saper creare” (creativity), then we have a wonderful future ahead of us.

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