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Discover Misha Wallcoverings, a Milan based workshop that creates unique handpainted wallpapers that combine the lyricism, grace, and uniqueness of craftsmanship with contemporary design, fashion, and aesthetic sense.

What is your brand’s philosophy?

Each and every day, we endeavor to combine the lyricism, grace, and uniqueness of craftsmanship with contemporary design, fashion, and aesthetic sense. Curiosity is what inspires people to find new horizons and make new discoveries.

Your superb wallpapers are entirely painted by hand on silk according to the ancient Chinese tradition. Can you explain the production stages involved in the creation of such unique and exclusive products?

Rather than paper, they are more wall fabrics. Misha selects textiles of different weaves and thicknesses, from the thinnest pure silk to the thickest Dupion silk, with an irregular, shantung-type weave; from the light Japanese silk to the double silk, in which a light shantung is overlapped to a metallic base, revealing unique relfections on its surface.

Silk is first weaved and processed into a thin layer resembling a sheet of paper upon which our artistans paint using natural pigments. The colors are then fixed and a layer of paper is applied to the silk using natural glues and entirely artisanal processes. Once dried, the panels are trimmed and properly packed for shipping.

​Where do you draw your inspiration from? What distinguishes Misha’s aesthetic?

Misha combines Italian know-how and aesthetic tastes with the excellence and appeal of handcrafting processes that date back to the 18th century. Our collections are the result of long-standing research of artisan workshops and artists that are able to interpret and embody the connections of distant cultures, of tradition and innovation.

The wall covering becomes a journey to faraway lands, where nature is dominant and evocative, defined by fantastic, imaginary landscapes. Misha brings us back in history to the 18th century chinoiserie and the tradition of the Grand Tour: a time of longing for an escape that becomes alive in residential and professional interiors.

Moreover, thanks to the artistic skills and mastery of the creative and manufacturing process, Misha can customize pieces in any size, so that the wall covering becomes a tailor-made element of the interior.

​How was Misha created? Tell us your story.

Misha is the portmanteau of two cities: Milan and Shanghai. It is a bridge between the artistic cultures that coexist in the vision of Italian architect Chiara Enrico. Since 2007, in collaboration with her sister Anna, Chiara has infused the passion and knowledge of ancient Eastern painting and hand-embroidery techniques on silk wallpapers into our panels that are fit for contemporary interiors.

What are your future projects? Can you give us a preview?

We have many projects in the works, from new collaborations with designers and artists, to the launch of a new collection of fine art prints that you will soon see at the Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week.

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