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Exclusive Travel Accessories by Royal Trunk

Discover Royal Trunk, a young Italian brand founded by two friends who share the same dream and explore one-of-a-kind travel accessories and trunks inspired by Italy’s sophisticated lifestyle and by the 1920 vintage allure.

Founded by Mattia Scattarelli and Guido Boem, ​Royal Trunk creates trunks and home décor pieces representing Italian craftsmanship and traditions. Characterized by high quality and sophisticated style, the brand is now world-renowned for the uniqueness of each piece, whose construction by hand can take up to 1,000 hours.

How did Royal Trunk start? Tell us the history of your company.

The company Royal Trunk started with two friends sharing a dream. The goal was to create a globally recognized brand that produces unique pieces. When we created it, we started from the fact that we are both Italian and we went back to the old crafting traditions of our country. We wanted to have the trunk as primary element. Nowadays its function as traveling accessory is obsolete, for obvious practical reasons, so we have redesigned it as furniture element, giving it new life and a new purpose.

What is the average time to craft a Royal Trunk piece?

The average time can be of about 450 hours of manual craftsmanship, in which we carefully take care of every detail. Naturally, the time can widely vary, especially for customized objects or if there are sartorial details to add at the client’s request. In these cases, the crafting time can be up to 1,000 hours.

What does make Royal Trunk products unique?

Hand craftsmanship is the first element that gives uniqueness to Royal Trunk products. When we receive an order, we start production right away, since each project is tailor-made. We don’t have a storage where we keep objects ready to be delivered, because each work is handcrafted upon request with the outmost care for every detail. That is what makes our pieces so unique.

Royal Trunk modernizes the trunk. How important are innovation and research for you?

Our adventure started with the reinvention of an outmoded piece that we adapted in order to fit it in the contemporary world. We took the old-fashioned trunk and turned it into a cult home-décor object. This main factor is always in our minds, when we design our collections.

What are the most recent or future partnerships you are particularly proud of?

We are very proud of our latest collaboration with Loro Piana, historic brand leader in the production of luxury fabric. The idea is to “dress” our pieces with sartorial textiles. Even more recent (but we cannot reveal its name yet) is a new partnership with one of the most important brands of watches in the world, with which we have an exciting project.

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