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Tuscany, Italy - Designer
Born in Pisa, designer Francesco Maria Messina has a truly international upbringing and artistic training. His studies at the École Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris and Tulane University in New Orleans sowed the seeds for his graduate studies at the Confluence Institute in Lyon. Between 2018 and 2020 he created five collections adding to the launch of the Mauritian luxury furniture brand Cypraea. Following successful exhibitions in Milan, Sardinia, and London, he returned to Tuscany in 2020 to open his own design studio. His pieces have been showcased at the Venice Design Biennale.

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Just to be faithful to the inspiration of each project and to express it in the best possible way, I look for real materials. FMM Design

FMM Design

Francesco Maria Messina (FMM), born in Pisa, Italy, received bachelors from École Spéciale d'Architecure in Paris, and his masters from the Confluence Institute in Lyon, France. Messina runs his design studio out of Tuscany, choosing to stay close toareas rich with traditional master craftsmen such as Volterra, home to some of the greatest stone carvers dating back thousands of years. Working closely with these artists, FMM's visual language seems to cross time barriers from the memories of past to the potential of the future.

At the core of FMM's practice is the pressing issue of global warming, shown through a creative dialogue between nature, materiality and design. Messina often works with recycled plastic in combination withl ocal organic materials, pushing to raise awareness on rising pollution levels, whilst offering a path forward to a symbiotic relationship to our planet, without sacrificing form and function.

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