Bold Interiors by Summer Thornton

Meet Summer Thornton, leading Chicago based interior designer, best known for creating elevated spaces with an intriguing mix of traditional and modern elements. With an eye for colorful patterns and textures, Summer Thornton brings out a fascinating narrative through spaces.

With an eye for colorful patterns and textures Chicago based interior designer, ​Summer Thornton, brings out a fascinating narrative through spaces. Blending classic and contemporary styles, she believes that homes should be a reflection of personal style: a person's soul, passions, and quirks should be reflected through the furniture and décor of a home. Bold interiors featuring floral wallpaper, energetic abstract Miró lithographs, tailored brass sconces, and majestic Venini chandeliers with Murano glass fixture add a huge dose of glamour. 

Summer Thornton has worked on many residential projects turning a monotonous space into a cozy den. Thanks to her extraordinary sensibilities and level of innovation as an interior designer, her work has been featured in numerous publications. Artemest spoke to Summer Thornton to peek into her the eclectic spaces.

​What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

Italian design and craftsmanship means there are no compromises. It’s done the way it should be, no cut corners for speed or efficiency, but instead an absolute focus on ensuring it’s done the right way, the way it has been done for centuries.

Who or what has inspired your work and style the most?

I’m typically inspired by the juxtaposition of romantic old-world luxury against a modern irreverence and edge. No matter what, I pull references from the past and reinterpret them in daring ways, such as a historic palace floor recreated and set in a modern city apartment.

Describe your design approach and philosophy?

My philosophy is that the best homes are transporting; they take you to another world and create a feeling that you’re in a fantasy world beyond reality. My approach is to help each client embrace their inner boldness to learn who they are aesthetically and then bring that to life in their home.

What is the one decor you cannot imagine your clients or yourself living without?

A fireplace mantle. It isn’t a home until there’s an amazing fireplace to gather around.

What is your idea of the ultimate luxury?

I think luxury occurs when the design goes beyond function and is aesthetically-driven in excess, such as an architectural folly in a garden which serves no purpose other than aesthetic pleasure & intrigue.

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