Castel Hörtenberg: Historic City Treasure

In a charming corner of Bolzano, a Renaissance palace stands proud surrounded by the natural beauty of the Dolomite Mountains: Castel Hörtenberg. Step into the past and take a stroll through the charming rooms of this historic residence.

​Castel Hörtenberg is a majestic 500-year-old Reinassance castle. For many centuries, the castle was a private residence and a monument to admire, but thanks to Poldini Family’s foresight it has been restored and turned in the most exclusive guest house of the city. Located in the heart of Bolzano and surrounded by the breathtaking Dolomites landscape, the mansion has a long story and offer the opportunity to admire the city and the region from a unique and privileged point of view.

Early in its history, the castle was built on the grounds of a medieval peasant farm and bought by Leonhard Hiermair in 1471. Left to his heirs, the building assumed its current shape: it was enlarged and equipped with towers and bay windows. The Giovanelli family owned the castle until the XX century, its location and its importance make of it one of the landmarks of Bolzano. 

Approaching this beautiful palace means to plunge into an authentic haven of peace, surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery and a lush garden where, during summer, the guest can enjoy the mild temperature away from the heat of the city. The castle experience starts from the outside, with the discover of a historic palace just in the city center and continues in the garden, where the local plants give off delicate fragrances, creating a relaxing atmosphere, completed by the sound of water coming from the stone pool. 

Entering the castle, it is impossible not to notice the unexpected modern style of furniture and décor. Indeed, when Poldini family bought the property, decided to enhance the historical details with a contemporary essential design. Inside the 28 suites the guest can feel a strong sense of history and modern comfort at the same time admiring original sixteenth-century stuccos, frescoes and paintings from the nineteenth century and the original stoves – stube – entirely made of majolica.

The clean modern lines of the interiors have made the difference, giving Castel Hörtenberg its signature style: a mix of ancient history blended in with an urban look and a traditional craftsmanship. Visit the castle is the perfect way to enjoy the authentic spirit of South Tyrol, immersed in the scent of ancient pine wood look to the beautiful sights on the Dolomites by small windows carved everywhere into the rock wall. 

The restoration work has brought to light a multitude of historical treasures, such as the unique castle dungeons, where the guest can savor the region’s strong wine vocation. Inside the winery coziness and conviviality, scents and flavors give birth to some of life’s most treasured pleasures. A place where to taste an accurate selection of local wines and products with a Tuscan niche,the Ampeleia winery, a true Chianti corner in the heart of Bolzano. Here, as in the rooms, the city gets into the castle through the low vaults which also characterize the typical Bolzano colonnade.

Castel Hörtenberg represent an authentic institution for Bolzano: the city splits between two cultures – German and Latin – and this is where its spirit comes from. It is a place with a thousand different shades: culture, languages, traditions, gastronomical heritage, wine culture and a Mitteleuropean charm. A short ride on the cableway will take visitors to the mountain: the plateau above Bolzano is the perfect destination for hikers and outdoor lovers. Bolzano is also the starting point of the South Tyrol wine route, a winding road through ancient towns, unspoiled hamlets, blue lakes and other majestic castles.

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