Carrara Home Design

Tuscany, Italy - Designer
A passion for marble inherited from his grandfather Gualtiero Danesi inspired Marco Danesi to establish Carrara Home Design in 1985. His small workshop was located in the heart of the Carrara Marble Quarries, specifically in the Fantiscritti, the place where Michelangelo choose blocks for his masterpieces. Danesi’s unique creations define a new type of classic, in which traditional artistic craftsmanship and modern trends converge. These pieces bear the distinctive marks of fine artisan workmanship, handcrafted using exclusively material from quarries in Tuscany.

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Carrara Home Design

Each object is unique and cannot be reproduced down to the smallest detail. Each piece is made with recycled marble and is characterized by a different shade and tonality. The color and the veins may vary for every element, because there will never be a Carrara Home Design object the same as the other.

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