Tuscan Ceramics

Discover a stunning selection of Tuscan ceramics, a symbol of tradition renowned all over the world: from terracotta to majolica pieces, explore our collection of ceramic plates, bowls, tabletop accessories and more entirely handcrafted with unique techniques such as handpainting and glazing by authentic Italian artisans.

​In Tuscany, ceramics is a serious and renowned tradition that trascends the strictly business side and has influenced the life and work of its inhabitants over the course of the centuries. The history of this artisanal art starts around the V century BC with Etruscan artifacts, and has later developed all over the region with different approaches and techniques used depending on the area of Tuscany. 

Today, ceramic is the medium used by many artisans who craft completely handmade ceramic pieces, from plate sets to tabletop accessories, handpainted with traditional décor and symbols and glazed sculptural pieces. Elegant lines in the traditional blues, yellows and reds create intricate designs from geometric patterns to floral figures.

Discover our collection of Tuscan ceramic plates, bowls, tabletop accessories and more entirely handcrafted by authentic Italian artisans: from porcelain vide poches by Artigiani Italiani, to classic patterned ceramic sets by Manifattura Richard Ginori 1735, up to handpainted pieces inspired by medieval art by Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze.

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