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Architectural Photography

Architecture through the eyes of the artist. Discover our curated selection of photographs dedicated to interior and exterior architecture. ​Two of the most dynamic art forms meet to give life to new perspectives and offer a privileged glimpse of the world.

​Modern architectural photography developed in the 1940s and during this period the first photographers paved the way of the paradigmatic relationship between images and constructions. Emphasizing the engineering and the design of these architectural artworks, photography offers a privileged perspective on the space, where the artist’s lens conveys the profound aspects of architecture and offers a personal point of view.

Inspired by Modernist painting, ​Piero Mollica’s shots depict the artificial space’s victory over nature, ​Stefano Iannuso’s series focus attention on geometric lines and interplays of light and shadows, ​Carlo D’Orta creates artworks where surrealistic shapes mix with vibrating reflections and ​Santi Caleca tells the story of Italian design and architecture through his powerful images.

​Rich in transparencies and daring color contrasts, ​Davide Bramante’s shots offer glimpses of different cities juxtaposed in vaporous compositions, creating an imaginative world. A more artistic approach characterizes ​Tina Cosmai’s artworks: dominated by chromatic minimalism and pure shapes, every detail is eradicated to create a strong metaphysical outcome. ​Valentina Sommariva focuses her work on the representation of historic architectures of southern Italy, revealing a profound relationship with these places.

​With a sensitive and reflective gaze, ​Luca Capuano takes the viewer inside the studios of some of the best-renowned designers of history, making the spectator in the condition of a privileged observer. The same analytic approach is used by ​Giulio Boem in the close-up shots of some of the most iconic architectures.