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The Cinematic Series: Inspired by Federico Fellini

Get lost in La Dolce Vita atmosphere and take part in a journey through small Italian alleys, rich and busy dining rooms, exclusive parties, and evocative interiors. Allow the fascinating lighting games of the black and white combination to guide you through an immersive experience in the director's Federico Fellini unmistakable set design.

Director Federico Fellini was able to create a dreamlike world, which animated his cinematic masterpieces with an unforgettable atmosphere. His scenes are characterized by theatricality and emotional zeal intended to overwhelm anyone who looks at it. Among the many details of Fellini's direction, the depiction of Italian culture, pending between nostalgia, melancholia, and enchanting glitz, is certainly one of the most remarkable.

Fellini's most outstanding interiors are usually represented through vibrant party scenes. In the masterpiece La Dolce Vita, it is possible to admire the complex beauty of a dreamlike space where exclusive designs are skillfully combined with simple and modern shapes, remarking the director's attention and interest in beautiful design and craftsmanship.

What's important is the way we say it. Art is all about craftsmanship. Others can interpret craftsmanship as style if they wish. Style is what unites memory or recollection, ideology, sentiment, nostalgia, presentiment, to the way we express all that. It's not what we say but how we say it that matters.

Federico Fellini

The director's work with his most renowned movie created such an iconic imagery in the worldwide community that even today many handcrafted pieces are a homage to his romantic scenarios. The premium quality silverwork company Greggio created a Fellini-inspired collection of jugs, La Dolce Vita sculpture by Creazioni di Andrea Serra, the modern Dolce Vita wine glasses by Casarialto and the Dolcevita double ashtray by , are just a few of the mentionable names.

Another of the hallmarks that define the director's style in La Dolce Vita is a romantic representation of the Italian historical and artistic background dating back to the Roman Empire. The movie itself is mainly settled in Rome and it opens its narration with the scenographic helicopter transportation of a precious ancient statue to the Vatican. The enchanting busts and sculptures skillfully realized in plaster by Galleria Romanelli, and Dimarmo's marble bookcases inspired by the Roman arch are a perfect representation of the charming past that intrigued the director.

Considering that the majority of the movie settings are located in unique and exclusive houses, the shiny and iconic party scenes include a glamorous representation of hosting and guest entertaining. From enchanting tables, where guests sit together, to late-night talks in front of exquisitely served drinks, Federico Fellini builds an aspirational scenario of the upper Italian society where secrets are shared behind precious curtains and dreams invade reality.

The unique glass by Cristalleria ColleVilca, the superb hors d'oeuvre plate by I Borbone Capodimonte, and the white marble dinner plate by Fiammetta V Home Collection can be an extraordinary homage to the atmospheres that the director created in his movie. To add a further touch of charm inspired by the 60's unique Italian way of entertaining, discover the Convivier Trolley by Paolo Castelli, the wine glasses by Stella Orlandino, and the glasses in white Carrara and Red Levante marble created by Fiammetta V Collection.