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Brass & Design by Ghidini 1961

Decades of heritage and generations of craftsmen built the present identity of Ghidini 1961. Born to enhance and share the Italian excellence, the brand has always been focused on the working of precious metals. Discover Ghidini's story and the evolution of their artisanal spirit into contemporary pieces of liveable art.

Ghidini Bosco has been creating custom-made brass objects for more than 60 years, in a factory where each stage of production is meticulously developed. In 2016, the company started the new brand - Ghidini 1961 - which collaborates with international designers to create innovative, timeless pieces in stainless steel and brass, chiseled with all the care for every detail that is distinctive of Ghidini’s fine craftsmanship.

With unparalleled production skills and working techniques, the company collaborates with Lorenza Bozzoli and Stefano Giovannoni in the creation of stunning works of art, where metal acquires an almost sculptural powe in the definition of elegant contemporary furniture and finely chiseled home accessories.

Ghidini's trademark aesthetic is characterized by a contemporary and elegant soul. How did your collaboration with designer Stefano Giovannoni come about and on what values is your style based?

The style of our collections is closely intertwined with our experience in the metalworking industry, which is precisely what allows us to experiment with new forms and encourages us to push our creativity. No company in the furniture sector can claim to have a manufacturing background like ours, so the designers who collaborate with us can rely on our foundry and mechanical departments to make furniture products with cast elements that would otherwise be impossible to make. As for the expressive quality of our products, this is rather a marriage between the designer's vision and the company’s internal creative direction. We are proud of our design team, which consists of remarkable individuals who made the history of international design.

Metalworking is an extremely complex art. In your works, the research for new technologies coexists along with the use of traditional techniques. What do you think is the most interesting feature of this material and why?

If we take a look at the “Made in Italy” furniture sector, we notice that it has always been associated with wood. Making art and furniture using fine alloys such as brass, bronze, and aluminum is, in itself, a novelty, a distinctive characteristic. We live in a world where the pursuit of distinction, of eschewing conformity, is increasingly important - this is the reason why we are appreciated, because we are perceived as promoters of a new, more contemporary artistic language. Moreover, the metal elements give our products a high-premium appeal, which is consistent with our positioning.

Through collaborations with national and international designers, you have successfully defined an identity that is modern yet still in line with the company's historical values. How did the collaboration with Lorenza Bozzoli come about?

Lorenza is one of our most important designers, whom we admire enormously. We have been collaborating with her for a few years, and it all started at the suggestion of Stefano Giovannoni, who was at that time our creative director. Beyond her undeniable talent, we especially appreciate Lorenza’s sensitivity to the market needs, which she manages to interpret using a new, expressive language different from the mainstream trends.

You have been carrying forward the traditional values of “Made in Italy” and local craftsmanship for more than 60 years, first with Ghidini Bosco and now with Ghidini 1961. Has the manner in which you express these values changed over the years? What do you think will be the evolution of Italian craftsmanship?

Our company has always been deeply rooted in our geographic origins. We have entire generations of families who have worked and continue to work with us; this helps establish a special relationship that goes beyond the work itself. For us, this is crucial for preserving our department's "know-how," which is one of the distinguishing features of both Ghidini1961 and Ghidini Bosco. In truth, the value of handmade and true “Made in Italy” has never changed for us, quite the contrary. Today we live in a globalized world, where you can produce anything anywhere, and the pursuit of quality, and distinction - something we Italians are very good at conveying- is growing. We believe Italian craftsmanship will have a bright future so as long as it is aligned with a keen awareness of today’s market needs, both from the commercial and communication points of view. It is therefore essential to be always technologically up-to-date, to offer excellent post-sales service, and to have a widespread distribution network to provide significant local support.