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Dale Italia Presents: Now and Then Collection

In a balance between soft and linear shapes, Now and Then collection is a complete set of exquisitely made wooden pieces, designed by Cono Studio for Dale Italia to enhance the ethereal play of solids and voids. Discover the new collection, and the brand’s contemporary perspective founded on the beauty of Veneto woodworking heritage.

In 1949, Severino Cantiero founded a small woodworking workshop in Bovolone. With a few master carvers and inlayers, the workshop began the production of classic solid wood furniture and soon distinguished itself for prestige and quality. Since then, the years of experience have stratified like growth rings on a tree, and the long culture of wood has been passed down from generation to generation within the Cantiero family. Dale Italia was born thanks to the arrival of grandson Alessandro to the company, which introduces a new chapter in the Cantiero family.

With their cradle in Verona, Dale’s heritage is profoundly rooted in Made in Italy furniture and craftsmanship, that represent cultural richness of the brand’s identity. Each piece is hand finished with passion and dedication and customized according to the individual needs of each project. Today, Dale Italia presents its latest collection in collaboration with Cono Studio: Now and Then.

Discover Now and Then Collection

Born in 2023, the Now and Then Collection includes elegant and monolithic pieces that showcase wood in all its different essences and light interplays resulting from working with full and empty spaces. Where did you draw inspiration for this collection?

The Now and Then Collection is the fruit of an open dialogue between the beauty of Veneto's artisanal heritage and a refined, contemporary style. The result is an original exchange, whereby contrasting interplays transform wood into an “animate” material open to new interpretations of living spaces. The collection originates from the idea of creating an intimate relationship between home, the individual, and nature.

A warm and cozy environment has been imagined, a dreamlike scenario where you can fully live out your own intimacy. A place where the more classic and monolithic - almost architectural - forms are juxtaposed to soft and rigorous details, in which wood comes alive by virtue of the ethereal interplay of lights and shadows. In so doing, decor loses its static essence and establishes a connection with the people and their convivial moments to create a space that links the inside with the outside world. With this idea in mind, Cono Studio has designed a collection of 5 pieces for Dale Italia, all unique in their distinctive features, that both harmonize with each other and shine as standalone pieces.