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Emilie Lisi

Artist - Lombardia, Italy

Emilie Lisi

Emilie Lisi moves between ceramics, art, design and embroidery with attention to the concreteness of the object and, at the same time, to the relational value beyond form. In this compositional process we find raw and refined lands, pure and variegated in a mixture that leads to the alchemical. A deep half-breed that the artist obsessively molds and shapes terracotta inside and out, alternating refined craftsmanship and a restless intuition for the invisible core of objects. The compositions grow in an atmosphere of continuous experimentation; the fragility of the material suggests directions, shape, architecture and color. Emilie's ceramics, in their elegance and formal power, maintain mysterious sides, reverse embroidery, dark hollows revealing themselves to be fragile buildings of the intimate.


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