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Contardi Lighting
Contardi Lighting
Contardi Lighting
Contardi Lighting
Contardi Lighting
Contardi Lighting

Contardi Lighting

Lighting Maker - Lombardia, Italy

A real treasure in the world of lighting, Contardi has recently been at the forefront of the contemporary scene thanks to its innovative and luxurious designs. Based in Cesano Maderno, in the Brianza geographical and cultural area renowned for the art of craftsmanship, it creates stylish lighting solutions for both residential and contract projects, including custom-made designs for the hospitality sector. Merging aesthetic and functionality, Contardi’s collections boast a variety of high-quality materials and elegant finishes combined with the newest LED technologies.


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Functional objectives are always combined with the aesthetic canons that define Contardi's arch-decorative style, in which form and substance, technology and design intertwine to create a product with a unique visual identity that illuminates

Contardi’s style evades conventional classifications and can be defined as archi-decorative. A harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality is achieved by bringing together a sartorial approach, varied materials, elegant finishes, cutting-edge technology, artisanal quality raised to industrial power, compliance
with the highest safety standards, and all the certifications required by the different markets. Contardi is a contemporary company with unique characteristics, and is recognised as the“couturier of light”.This refers to its ability to predict, interpret and satisfy the needs of an increasingly advanced and demanding cosmopolitan market, for which the luminous decorative object is an ambitious and sophisticated product, both aesthetically and functionally. It must know how to illuminate and do it masterfully.
Contardi’s collaborations with internationally renowned designers are growing more numerous and prestigious–including Paola Navone, Studiopepe, Federico Peri, Adam Tihany, Servomuto, Tristan Auer, Massimiliano Raggi, and Jan Van Lierde. These express the brand’s desire to expand its catalogue by increasingly addressing the offer to the final consumer–from the large project contracts, developed with world-famous architecture studios, to the decorative, functional and sophisticated products that anticipate
the needs of customers, and are entering homes all over the world.

Contardi Lighting is an Italian lighting company, whose contract division is leading the way in developing customised and large-scale lighting solutions for luxury hospitality projects, designed by some of the world’s most prestigious architectural firms.
This exciting new chapter in the history of Contardi began in 2006. Achille and Paola Carcano are continuing the legacy of its founder’s creative genius: Michele Carcano was driven by a strong passion, and his exceptional technical know-how was for yearsa point of reference in the sector, for the prototyping of many lighting products. Achille and Paola are both guided by a lucid and farsighted vision, and are consolidating the Contardi project by working on products and orders for leading companies. Theyhave chosen to entrust the development of the brand and business to a managerial talent from outside the family: Massimo Brigandì, who joined the company in 2006, and has been General Manager since 2018. The ideal blend of family and managerial expertise has led the company, in a short time, to constant growth and evolution;
this has given it an international dimension, epitomised by the 2015 opening of its American branch, Contardi USA–in New York, the nexus of the luxury market. This has set the stage for the entry of Federico Chinazzi, the third generation of the Carcano family.
The Contardi product range consists of a wide and varied selection of models, each of which is characterised by a unique design and lighting concept. This allows the product, inits original or customised version, to become the standout piece in prestigious hospitality projects, large and boutique hotels, haute cuisine, or luxury yachts. Contardi collaborates regularly with groups such as Mandarin Oriental, Hilton, Hoxton, and Shangri La. Furthermore, in the last three years, Contardi has positioned itself among the leading outdoor lighting brands, thanks to a range that combines the refinement and reliability of indoor solutions with the use of materials and finishes that meet the highest standards of resistance and waterproofing.

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