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Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

In the early 20th century, Brianza - once a district on the outskirts of Milan with strong agricultural roots - began to emerge as a hub for drawing and cabinet-making schools. To this day, Brianza is internationally renowned for being the heart of Italian furniture-making production, a tradition rooted in artisan know-how workshops wherein each piece is meticulously handcrafted. Brianza is where it all started for Andrea Colico, who started to craft his beloved and original chairs in a little space obtained from a courtyard in the small town of Cabiate in 1920.


Sardegna, Italy | Accessories Maker

The brainchild of Giuliano Fois, Boonique is committed to crafting singular artisan bikes standing out for their exceptional performance and sleek aesthetic celebrating nature's perfect imperfections. Each bike is designed and handcrafted in a Sardinian workshop where no detail is left to chance and passion is infused into every piece. Exclusively employing first-rate cycling components, Boonique bikes reflect the mastery of the artisan behind them.

DF DesignLab

Molise, Italy | Marble Designer

A multidisciplinary studio based in Campobasso, Molise, DF DesignLab was founded in 1965 originally as a marble workshop and has grown into a renowned marble manufacturer and interior/exterior finishes contractor. Today, their team of master Italian craftsmen works alongside professionals from diverse backgrounds such as architecture and interior design. Synthetizing style and functionality, DF DesignLab is dedicated to meticulously researching and experimenting with raw and prized materials showcased in its collections.


Toscana, Italy | Textile Designer

A first-rate linen atelier based in Tuscany, Verderoccia is world-renowned for its singular style and exceptional designs. Their stunning linens showcase Egyptian cotton that is deftly woven, finished, and embroidered in Italy by master artisans. Boasting over four generations of the Pratesi family’s artisan know-how, the brand is run by Gaia Leonori Pratesi and her children Athos and Margherita who work to keep their family legacy and traditions alive.

Costantini Atelier

Abruzzo, Italy | Textile Designer

Fine yarns and expert hands intertwine in the precious wefts crafted at Costantini Atelier. Founder Susanna Costantini used to observe her grandmother as she spun the threads and dressed the loom, resulting in fabrics and fresh cotton sheets she still owns and uses to this day. A spontaneous synthesis of craftsmanship and nature, Costantini Atelier fashions exquisite patterns inspired by nature to be held and treasured for years to come.

Jennifer Signaroli

Lombardia, Italy | Artist

Versatile artist Jennifer Signaroli established her solo studio in 2014 after working for many years as a product designer. Drawing inspiration from various styles, she uses traditional artisanal techniques to create singular decorative objects rich in captivating visual elements. Inspired by the idea of spiritual harmony and self-discovery, her works will imbue interiors with bold expressive charm. She is a graduate of the Politecnico di Milano in 2008, studying Design & Engineering.


Toscana, Italy | Blacksmith

After pursuing an apprenticeship at a young age, Mauro Poletti later opened his own experimental metal workshop specializing in stainless steel. In 2000, he created his debut furniture collection, a limited edition of handcrafted pieces in steel, iron, and glass. Following successful collaborations with museums, painters, sculptors, and photographers, Poletti began making bespoke pieces for both private and hospitality decors. Vasicomunicanti is the synthesis of a long journey that begins with a study of materials and crafting techniques in search of harmony and balance.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Passion has always been a driving force for Temper, an iron-processing firm established in 1976. Over the past four decades, the firm has grown and innovated while staying true to tradition, earning recognition amongst Italian craftsmen for its exceptional furniture that effortlessly elevates exclusive private and hospitality decors, alike. Each design by Temper is entirely crafted and finished by hand, reflecting an effortless coexistence between tradition and contemporary sensibilities.

Agustina Bottoni

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Agustina Bottoni is an Argentinean artist from Buenos Aires who lives and works in Milan, Italy. Working alongside local Italian artisans, she dedicates her research to material authenticity, form, and color to fashion spectacular glassware, sculptures, and lighting fixtures of stunning contemporary flair. Bottoni has exhibited her works in various art and designs institutions and designs evocative pieces for international companies and galleries.

Emilie Lisi

Lombardia, Italy | Artist

Emilie Lisi moves between ceramics, art, design and embroidery with attention to the concreteness of the object and, at the same time, to the relational value beyond form. In this compositional process we find raw and refined lands, pure and variegated in a mixture that leads to the alchemical. A deep half-breed that the artist obsessively molds and shapes terracotta inside and out, alternating refined craftsmanship and a restless intuition for the invisible core of objects. The compositions grow in an atmosphere of continuous experimentation; the fragility of the material suggests directions, shape, architecture and color. Emilie's ceramics, in their elegance and formal power, maintain mysterious sides, reverse embroidery, dark hollows revealing themselves to be fragile buildings of the intimate.


Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Artist Chiara Della Santina captured the values of mindfulness and art in her pottery atelier ClaireLune. Her collections are inspired by the hustle-and-bustle of cosmopolitan cities and the quiet-paced life of the Tuscan countryside, showcasing minimalist and sincere designs where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist. She selects top-rate stoneware clay and other materials to guarantee the highest quality and durability of her pieces.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Artist and cabinetmaker, Filippo Sorcinelli founded furniture atelier Oltrelegno in 2011. More than two decades of experience in metal and wood processing as well as collaborations with Carlo Piazza, Chinese architect Chi Wing Lo, and others sowed the seeds of success for the Oltrelegno firm. Their superb synthesis of manual artistry and creativity is reflected in custom pieces distinguished by minute details and an eclectic combination of wood, metals, fabrics, resins, and varnishes.


Veneto, Italy | Accessories Maker

Established in 2007 as an offshoot of the acclaimed, Bassano-based Meneghetti Mobili furniture firm, TablesWin creates tailor-made gaming tables and casino equipment renowned for their sartorial quality. Cutting-edge technology and prized raw materials are combined to ensure high-quality designs that will last for years of gaming sessions to come. Working with private customers and world-class casinos alike, every piece is customizable down to the smallest detail for an exclusive aesthetic and entertainment experience.

Ceramiche Corsini

Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

Founded in 1957, Tuscan brand Ceramiche Corsini is a leader in ceramics and pottery decoration with origins in glassmaking. Since the 1980s, the brand delved into the production of handmade and hand-decorated ceramic and terracotta pieces, which stand out for their singular details rooted in art and tradition. Nowadays, Ceramiche Corsini has two ateliers, one in Montespertoli situated in the heart of Chianti hills, among vineyards and olive groves, and a second nestled among the alleys of San Gimignano near Siena.

Stromboli Design

Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Committed to craftsmanship, slow design, and upcycling, Stromboli was founded in 2016 in Mexico City by French artist and designer Clémence Seilles. Tireless research into innovative waste materials and a network of artisans and suppliers across France, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Italy earned the brand international recognition, with Napapijri, Safilo, Mama Shelter, and RSVP Paris among its clientele. Named after the Sicilian volcanic island, the brand only produces limited-stock collections. The brand relocated its studio headquarters to Milan in 2021.

Azzurra Art

Lazio, Italy | Ceramist

Founded in 1985 in Civita Castellana, Lazio, Azzurra specializes in handcrafting ceramic hand basins and various bathroom fixtures. In 2018, Azzurra unveiled its showroom in Milan and launched a new collaboration with Diego Grandi Office (DGO) to reinterpret the contemporary bathroom concept with sustainable items that consume less water. The brand’s newest collection, Azzura Art, features one-off hand-painted pieces that capture modern flair while staying true to traditional details and crafting traditions.

Wanda Fiscina

Campania, Italy | Sculptor

Wanda Fiscina’s hand-crafted ceramic sculptures have organic silhouettes combined with influences from her native Salerno and the area of Mount Vesuvius. Corals and other marine creatures, as well as the explosive power of magma inspire the themes of her powerful work. Wanda’s knowledge of craft and history makes her sculptures timeless pieces of art. Her work has been recognized internationally in the world of contemporary ceramics.

Bota Fogo

Lombardia, Italy | Ceramist

After years living and working in Brasil as an architect, Isabella Secchi’s passion for pottery led her to return to Italy to explore the medium and its artisan traditions. In 2018, Isabella opened her first ceramic atelier Bota Fogo in Milan, named after the Portuguese phrase for “throw in the fire!”. She incorporates architectural design elements into her ceramics using both manual and digital methods. Located in what was once an old printing house, her atelier welcomes artists from all over the world.