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Cutting Edge Designs by Linee Studio

Meet Filippo Carandini and discover the graceful works of Linee Studio: a Milanese artistic and creative laboratory with a deep Florentine heart. At the Studio, a tailor-made approach and a playful vision blend perfectly together to create colorful and audacious design pieces.

​​Linee Studio is an artistic hub of contemporary design pieces created and curated by Filippo Carandini. Well rooted in the reality of contemporary Milanese design, the studio adopts a holistic and innovative approach; both in the realization of splendid design pieces and in the creation of interior concepts.

Following this attitude, Linee Studio collection is designed to interact with the surrounding environment, creating sparkling reflection effects, intense color splashes and charmingly playful and eccentric design pieces. In constant collaboration with local artisans around Italy, the collection’s pieces are tailor-made and hand-crafted with the best materials, with the aim of surprising the observer and getting him soaked in surreal atmospheres.

How was Linee Studio born? Tell us your story.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2004 I have worked as assistant art director for a furniture design company here in Milano, being in charge mostly of product development and working alongside many well known designers on the production of their works. After a few years, I became art director of a design studio, working mostly on concept creation, and finally in 2011 I have opened Linee Studio: an art direction studio with a focus on interior design. We worked both for private clients and for companies, as consultants, to create settings and visuals. The furniture collection launched this year has been the natural evolution of previous experiences, passion and research path.

​Bright colors are often the main actors of your creations, together with a choice of clean and familiar shapes. What is the philosophy behind this choice?

Each of the pieces in the collection has been designed with an interior design approach, meaning that it was always imagined as part of an environment, where most likely it had to exist next to other objects with completely different stories. I wanted these pieces to introduce in an interior a specific color combination, a certain material, or the feeling of a precise texture like parchment, for example. I could say that our pieces are the perfect excuse to bring that specific color or material in an environment and, to do this in an effective way, the shape had to be kept simple.

Tell us about the creative process and the production of one of your favourite pieces.

One of the feelings that I want our pieces to convey is the idea of space fragmentation, to play with the environment where they are sitting. This we obtained through reflections, asymmetric shapes and patterns. The Bookcase 01 has these elements, its three glass doors create three different colored reflections while its brass structure re-shapes a portion of space by creating a vertical geometry which can be made to measure. Its production requires skilled suppliers as several parts, like the brass structure with no visible joints, are completely hand made.

​Since the beginning, Linee Studio has collaborated with local artisans around Italy. How did the collaboration between them and the Studio starts?

As I mentioned above, I have worked in product development for years, traveling daily to Brianza or Veneto and meeting with a variety of suppliers, spending weeks working on the details of a product and finding solutions. Eventually I have acquired quite a lot of contacts and kept a personal relationship with some very good collaborators and this, in the end, turned out to be one of the most important assets.

Alongside with its furniture collection, Linee Studio designs high quality interior projects. Is there a style or an aesthetic trend you are mainly inspired by?

Same as for our furniture collection, our references are rooted in our heritage, mostly in my florentine background for what concerns color combinations and materials. This was rich in colors and textures, definitely not cold or minimalist. This warm imagery is almost always visible in our projects, being them a product or an interior.

​What connections do you feel with your hometown? And with Milan?

My hometown is Florence, I could say that I have it under my skin and it comes out in what I do, in the color palette that is almost that of Renaissance paintings, in some straightforward geometric details and matches. Milano, where I live, has a completely different energy, made from encounters, possibilities and dynamic vibes and eventually made everything I had in mind become possible.