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Alimonti Milano
Alimonti Milano
Alimonti Milano
Alimonti Milano
Alimonti Milano

Alimonti Milano

Marble Designer - Lombardia, Italy

Founded in 1903, Alimonti prides itself on meticulous observance of tradition. The company is committed to the value of artisan craftsmanship and tireless pursuit of innovation. Unmatched know-how of materials and techniques has helped the brand evolve into Alimonti Milano, which - with its luxury showroom in Milan - is poised to be a leader on the international stage. Master craftsmen tend to every step in the crafting process, ensuring each piece is one-of-a-kind and tailored to the customer’s needs.


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Natural stones serving architecture.

Alimonti was born in 1903 in Romano di Lombardia in the province of Bergamo. Over the years the company keeps intact the spirit of self-sacrifice and culture of commitment of tradition. The typical values of craftsmanship combined with constantlyevolving resourcefulness and ingenuity allow not only to reach high levels of experience but also to consolidate a deep knowledge of materials and processing techniques.
Only from deep knowledge of the subject matter comes evolution. For Alimonti Milano, innovation is not a negation of the past, but a different vision, heir to traditions, to which it owes meaning and expertise. With the Know-How acquired over the years, Alimonti Milano is able to provide a level of workmanship of the highest quality, both relative to the use of high-tech machinery and thanks to the specific skills of its skilled craftsmen.
Since 1903, the heart of Alimonti Milano has been the customer, who is offered a personalized and tailor-made service, generating a production that is never standardized and serial, but relative to the individual project.

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