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Geometric Art

Geometric art traces its origins to the Greek Dark Ages, where it notably flourished in the design of geometric motifs in vase painting. Linear or zigzag patterns and geometric shapes adorned both decorative and utilitarian vases. Today, these very lines and shapes serve as central elements across various art forms, particularly in painting and tapestry. Explore our collection and uncover the remarkable creations of artists who have employed this geometric style to produce captivating works of art, ideal for embellishing your interiors.

Geometric design has left an indelible mark on human creativity since ancient times. The Egyptians and Greeks, for instance, integrated geometric patterns into their artworks, infusing them with a profound sense of harmony and order, while conveying deeper meanings reflecting beliefs in divine proportions and universal order. The Islamic Golden Age also witnessed a flourishing of geometric design, evident in the mesmerizing mosaics and intricate patterns adorning mosques and palaces.

In the modern era, geometric design has evolved alongside artistic movements. The early 20th century saw the emergence of the modern abstract movement, with artists like Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso among others embracing geometric abstraction. Today, geometric design remains a vibrant and evolving art form, embraced by contemporary artists and designers who seek to infuse it with fresh perspectives and innovative techniques, further enriching its timeless appeal. In this collection of artworks, you can explore the modern approach to geometric designs through paintings and tapestries by emerging and renowned artists alike.