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Velvet Seatings

Discover our selection of velvet seatings, from the classic red velvet armchair to timeless upholstered chairs and sofas. With textiles being the absolute protagonists, explore our collection and get inspired by luxurious shapes and elegant pieces perfect to decorate a dining room or to add the final touch to a reading and lounge space.

Velvet seatings are undoubtedly a timeless classics: always associated with royalty and luxury, the unmistakable red velvet armchair is a furniture piece that has never lost its appeal since first appearing during the Renaissance in the Italian manufacturing industry. From velvet dining chairs to sofas and poufs, the soft and lush material remained associated with high-end interiors and fashion.

Discover our collection and explore our modern take on velvet furniture: from red velvet armchairs by Giopaganigeometric ottomans with purple and pink fringes by ​Lorenza Bozzoli to contemporary ​velvet lounge chairs by Lombrello and round, plump ​velvet sofas by ​VG New Trend, each piece is skillfully handcrafted by the best Italian artisans with the same passion and dedication of centuries ago.