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Whimsical Interiors

Extravagant, eccentric, fanciful: whimsical interiors are the perfect juxtaposition between different styles and influences to create interesting and unique combinations of surrealist pieces. With bold colors, asymmetries in silhouettes and plastic shapes, show personality and character with our selection of whimsical furniture and décor including avant-garde seatings, upholstered sofas and versatile lighting.

​Whimsical: extravagant, eccentric, fanciful. A whimsical interior is the juxtaposition between different influences and styles to create unique and inspiring atmospheres, using bold furnishing pieces with extraordinary personality and flair. The shapes are deconstructed, the colors pushed to the extreme, and the lack of symmetry and structure is transformed into the focal point of the design. Influenced by surrealism and constructed in a way that doesn't compromise on luxury, a whimsical interior is the best option to give any project character and singularity.

Explore our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces with an irreverent and playful look: from ​holographic side tables by ​Memphis Milano, to upholstered and color blocking ​poufs by ​Adrenalina, up to ​coffee tables with deconstructed shapes by ​Hagit Pincovici, discover statement pieces handmade by our skillful Italian artisans.