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Exteta: New Italian Taste

Born in the historic design district of Brianza, Exteta takes inspiration from the Italian art of living, to give life to beautifully crafted artworks. Discover the brand’s philosophy of fluid, contemporary spaces where each piece have the unmistakable signature of Italian craftsmanship, in a unique mix of know-how and creativity.

Exteta’s story talks about evolution and enterprise, keeping the principles of manufacturing traditions as basis for success. Born in the famous Brianza district, the brand proudly promotes Made in Italy all over the world, creating pieces designed to be timeless and captivating the inner essence of each material. Their philosophy is fluid, embracing a principle of living that no longer defines environments through limits between what is indoor and what is outdoor but considers them as hybrid spaces.

Each piece is a work of art, designed to interpret the needs of the clients and create an exclusive Italian experience. Taking inspiration from the Italian art of living, this taste infuses every element while wisdom and experience of Brianza add strength to their vision of excellence. Franco Albini, Gae Aulenti and Paola Navone are some of the great masters behind Exteta’s pieces, great minds that contribute to define the strong modern personality of the brand.

Exteta was founded in 2006 in the heart of Brianza. How does the company’s story begin and how has your vision developed over the years?

Our journey began more than 15 years ago as a start-up committed to designing and producing luxury outdoor furniture. The quality of our products is grounded in our love for uniqueness and our Made in Italy craftsmanship, rich in experience and intrinsically linked to tradition. Indeed, Exteta's furniture is not designed for mass production, but for tailor-made crafting resulting from a quasi-handcrafted process. In fact, all furniture is designed in our workshops in Brianza, where the great tradition of Italian wood craftsmanship is revealed through the care with which the materials are processed as well as the continuous research into and experimentation with the most innovative technologies that redefine the limits of outdoor.

Exteta draws inspiration from Italy and the stand-out excellence of its local craftsmanship. The know-how and experience of Brianza's artisans are the true starting point of your collections. How relevant is the territory and how does it influence your production?

All our products bear the unmistakable signature of Brianza craftsmanship, a blend of wisdom and creativity known worldwide as Made in Italy. Our masters shape the finest materials: their expert hands carve emotions from nature. It’s a remarkable work that preserves ancient craftsmanship techniques while using the most advanced technologies to ensure furniture performance. In short, Exteta is a cutting-edge enterprise whose success lies in its manufacturing tradition. The high-quality, prized raw material is the element that transforms each piece into an exclusive experience, since beyond a beautiful form, an object is also its scent, a tactile sensation, and the emotion it is capable of stirring.

Exteta’s identity is characterized by a contemporary style, created to furnish fluid spaces and define a new way of living spaces. What lifestyle philosophy lies behind the design of your pieces?

Through Made in Italy design and workmanship, we promote an out-of-the-ordinary way of thinking that leads to outdoor spaces that have the same functions and atmospheres as the top architectural interiors. Each piece is tailored to the home and the customers' desires: not simply accessories for the garden, but a complete system that dresses up the outdoors as an ideal extension of the indoor decor.

The Exteta selection includes several pieces designed by internationally renowned designers such as Paola Navone, Franco Albini, and Gae Aulenti. What is the significance of these pieces within your collections and how do they define Exteta's identity?

It is an honor to present historic pieces designed by the most important designers of all time, such as Franco Albini and Gae Aulenti, while at the same time collaborating with the most talented contemporary designers. Their singular approach and talent have resulted in designs that speak volumes about the artistry and finesse that Exteta embodies, and we are proud to show them to the public..

Exteta's design has extended beyond national borders thanks to worldwide projects. Which one most represents your identity and why?

We have constantly moved on a path that led us to achieve a prominent place in the world of design and to collaborate with the most important international architects, retailers, and brands. For example, Riva - a historically recognized symbol of Made in Italy nautical art - entrusted Exteta with the design of the furnishings of Race, a magnificent 50-meter Superyacht. All Riva boats are result of a history that goes back more than 170 years, a history of Italian passion and tradition. It is precisely Exteta’s roots and that unique, inimitable know-how that Riva acknowledges. Another nexus between the two brands is the skillful use of mahogany, a prized material characterized by lasting properties, one of the most stable woods in nature, perfect for the production of high-quality products. Sophisticated and elegant, our products adapt to the space and imbue it a welcoming quality: the Caprera, Tellaro, and Vieste Collections in the featured selection can be combined to create a relaxing environment. The quality of Exteta products, resulting from meticulous workmanship and durable treatments, enables the use of these furnishings also in the nautical sector, that is, decors that put the material's resistance to the test.