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Marble Dining Tables

Explore our curated selection of unique dining tables created with the finest marbles from the ancient Italian tradition, perfect for adding a staple piece in your home. From classic white Carrara marble to pink accents and metallic details, our collection features timeless pieces that will make every dining room look sophisticated and majestic.

​From the classic and worldwide known Carrara marble to other Tuscan excellences such as Calacatta and Statuario, white marbles have been one of the finest examples of Italy's excellent craftsmanship for centuries. This prized material has been inspiring artisans and designer to create some of the most iconic pieces in their collections: the luxurious feel and look of marble gives an instant feel of uniqueness and elegance to any room.

Our curated collection of tables explores one of the most popular options of designs for this material, as the sumptuous look of marble perfectly fits the space of a dining room: from the timeless look of white Carrara marble combined with sculptural shapes by Frédéric Fourrichon for Fratelli Speranza, to the delicate and sophisticated hues of pink marble by Fred&Juul up to unexpected blends of black Marquina and white Carrara in marble tables by ​Salvatori.