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The Road to Heaven is Paved with Excess

Artemest partners with Richard Ginori and launches“The Road to Heaven is Paved with Excess”, an enchanting collection of porcelain plates that reinterprets iconic motifs of the prestigious Florentine Maison and is inspired by poet William Blake.

​Loosely inspired by the poet William Blake, the charming collection of porcelain plates trimmed with golden details is called “The Road to Heaven is Paved with Excess”, and it brings to life an exclusive series of unique decorative items. The tradition and excellence of Richard Ginori’s porcelain is combined with the glamorous and luxuriant vision of artist and designer Ippolita Rostagno, reinterpreting the most famous and classic Richard Ginori motifs with new exuberant concepts. Each plate has a different word, telling a playful and whimsical story: the simple act of having lunch becomes a sophisticated game.

The collection “The Road to Heaven is Paved with Excess” is inspired by the poet William Blake. The concept is that you never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough. I love this idea because it wraps up exuberance and restraint into a constant dynamic, which is perfect for this moment in which maximalism reigns.

Ippolita Rostagno

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