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Eco Hotel Saltus: an Ode to Nature

Find your spiritual connection with nature at Saltus Hotel, a mountain retreat where the woods are much more than a beautiful backdrop. Experience the authentic essence of environmentally conscious relax, surrounded by ancient forests and majestic mountains.

​At an altitude of 1,100 meters, high on the mountains and still a stone’s throw from Bolzano rises ​Eco Hotel Saltus. A family-run boutique hotel nestled in the forest - in the “Green Riviera” of South Tyrol – focused on sustainability and the healing power of nature.

The extraordinary natural setting of San Genesio represents a privileged position for the hotel: here the guest is surrounded by the charm of wilderness, experiencing a spiritual quest through the senses. Naturalness and aesthetics are masterly combined to create a magical atmosphere where the pureness of raw materials harmoniously blends with the colors of the surroundings.

​The story of Saltus begins in 1954, when Franz Wentner discovered this special place, where the unspoiled nature was the only main character. The road to this small village came ten years later, in 1964, and then the magic happened: Franz decided to build the very first hotel of San Genesio, the Sonnenparadies. Today the hotel is at its fourth generation and still follow the ideal of creating a real haven of tranquility, throughout the holistic connection between human and the surrounding nature.

Our mission is to provide the impetus for a sustainable lifestyle in order to preserve the impressive natural power of our planet in its purity.

​Saltus hotel is characterized by a minimalist design with natural, locally sourced materials. The larch façade is the very first seamless connection to the forest, keeping the building part of the natural landscape. Inside the sensorial experience is even more immersive: the local stone used for the floor and the clay and lime for the walls are picture frames for the large windows that captures stunning views of the Dolomites and the unspoiled nature.

At its very heart, Saltus is an eco-hotel, committed to protecting both the local culture and the surrounding nature. Therefore, as well as the use of natural materials, the whole guest experience has been thought to minimize its environmental impact. The jewel in the crown of Saltus hotel is, no doubt, the holistic healing program offered. The beautiful forest spa is a wondrous inner experience, a meditation trail with various stations where the guest is invited to enjoy the surrounding landscape with all his senses, from the smell of fresh moss to the raw texture of wood.

​To feel a real connection to earth, the guest can enjoy unique experiences: from the forest bathing to the sky pool swimming. The first one focuses on strengthening a non-verbal connection with nature by guiding guests barefoot through the forest to feel its healing powers. The second experience consists in taking a dip in the 60ft-long heated sky pool, to enjoy a stunning view of the peaks of the Dolomites and breath the fresh air of the mountains.

Nature and authentic culture are the main characters also inside of Saltus restaurant, where it is possible to taste traditional dishes and a menu shaped by the seasons. Authentic and genuine flavors perfectly blend with Saltus’s sustainable approach to wellness. Whether summer or winter, every season here encloses a universe of magic atmospheres.

Eco Hotel Saltus

Via Freigasse, 8b, 39050 San Genesio Atesino - BZ

+39 0471 155 1190