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Salda: Family Tradition of Craftsmanship

For five generations, meticulous craftsmanship and inventiveness have driven Salda’s production to enhance the power of Italian beauty, designing unique furniture pieces. Discover this historic brand owned by the Besana family, decorators of the Royal House of Austria, and explore their refined collections designed and decorated by talented Italian artisans.

​​Salda story begins in the early decades of XIX century, when the members of Besana family, decorators of the Royal House of Austria, started creating pieces of furniture and accessories for noble residences. This family business was born in the name of artisanal manufacturing, made in Italy and high-end customization: a grace for beauty lovers.

With the outbreak of first world war, all the companies were forced to stop their production. Salda, then, began dedicating to the production of propellers and wings for warplanes and, at the end of war, returned to produce elegant pieces of furniture. An activity made of passion and craftmanship, handed down from generation to generation until today with Marco and Elisa Besana, who run the company, located in the heart of Brianza, under the wise guidance of their father, Umberto.

​Salda was founded in the 19th century in the name of history and tradition. What has changed today, since you used to furnish noble houses?

What values does the present share with the past? A lot has changed, but if we really think about it nothing has truly changed: Salda is the history of a business, the story of our family but most of all Salda is a tailoring atelier. Today, like yesterday, every single piece from our collections is a one-of-a-kind design created according to our customers’ personal requests. The passion driving us, the quality of the materials and the techniques we employ has never changed from generation to generation.

​Wood is without doubt the great protagonist of your production. Which do you consider to be the most fascinating characteristic of this material?

Wood is unique and timeless in its natural essence. Each veining tells a different story about the ways in which time has transformed it. It is a living material that is turned into singular creations by the expert hands of our artisans. Salda selects the most noble woods to then be carved, padded, and decorated by the best Italian carpenters, upholsterers, and inlayers. We believe wood craftsmanship to be a real art that harmoniously merges ingenuity, technical skills, and creativity. Every single detail reveals the expert and unmistakable touch of manual work, adding preciousness and refinement to our collections.

​Since five generations, Salda has been creating unique and irreproducible pieces out of mastery and a long-lasting artisanal tradition. Can you describe the most important phases in the making of one of your wooden furniture pieces?

All of our pieces are exclusive, unique, and irreproducible. First we accept the client’s proposal, find the most suitable solutions for their project, and then create unique pieces that, like tailored dresses, are perfect for the person who wishes to wear them. All of our pieces can be bespoke and customized in size, materials, and purpose. Our customization process begins with the choice of finishing, agreed between clients and designers to enhance even the smallest detail such as hand-carved or painted initials, a distinctive trait for elegance and luxury. One of the most important sources of inspiration for our clients and designers is our historical archive containing the original drawings that our family has kept with great care, and which combine different styles developed throughout the years.

​Salda is characterized by a classic and elegant style. What is the main source of inspiration for your furniture pieces?

As previously mentioned, the charm of time and our heritage, guarded in our precious historical archive, have always been our main sources of inspiration. Other than our style, what makes each of Salda’s creations unique is the accuracy of their craftsmanship. Our furniture pieces fascinate whoever loves what is beautiful and does not fear but admires the passing of time.

​Salda’s long-lasting history represents a true heritage for the business. Which do you believe to be the future directions of made in Italy design?

Our history is without doubt our greatest value. We are strongly dedicated to remaining faithful to our soul, our unparalleled quality and to our eclectic character, which allowed us to grow in the first place, and evolve throughout three centuries of furniture history: it is the key to our past, present, and future success. Our skills and our ability to reinterpret classic styles and different eras with a singular and never self-referential open mind, allow us to furnish refined and elegant homes and hotels all over the world, enriching them with exclusive details. Our creations are unique and versatile, capable of fitting heterogeneous interiors with different influences and styles. Today, interior design relies more and more on a mixed style, creating environments that mirror the personality of their inhabitants without rigid schemes or rules, environments that can be both classic and modern at the same time.