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Lombardia, Italy | Accessories Maker

In 1956, after working for years in an umbrella-factory in Milan, Ernesta Pasotti opened her own workshop in her village of Castellucchio, by Mantua. Now, the new family generation keeps making splendid umbrellas using an artisanal method in combination with the finest Italian fabric, woods and brass. These exquisitely decorated, entirely hand-made unique pieces are sold to the best stores worldwide while maintaining the Italian tradition of the artisanal production of umbrellas. Our customer's favorites: Pasotti Umbrellas.

Ongaro & Fuga

Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

The historic Murano glass furnace Ongaro & Fuga was founded in 1952 by Franco Fuga and his wife Tullia Ongaro,two Murano glass masters descended from a long line of prominent glassmaking families whose names were added to the Book of Murano in 1600. Presently run by their sons Giuliano and Francesco, the company is renowned worldwide for its Venetian-style glass mirrors created exclusively by hand using a perfect balance of modern and traditional techniques. The furnace also creates custom pieces in collaboration with international designers and artists to suit all decors.

Mazzotti 1903

Liguria, Italy | Ceramist

Now in its fourth generation, this family-run company continues to use all the original materials and handcrafted techniques handed down through the generations since its founding in 1903. Famed for its collaboration with artists and designers, from the Futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in the 1930s, to its current partnership with renowned Italian designers, the Mazzotti firm prides itself on its unique ability to manufacture exquisite collections to the exact specifications of artists and designers.


Veneto, Italy | Designer

Picta is a new design project founded in 2018 by artisans Elisa De Marchi and Roberto Casagrande. Trained in fine arts, graphic design, and industrial design, they developed Picta to create an artistic space where passion and originality are transmitted through expressive mediums. Picta is a collection of interior decor accessories in constant balance between design and craftsmanship, distinguished by exceptional materials (namely marble, clay, and wood) and traditional production methods. Each piece embodies a passion for expressive artisanship.

Francesco Della Femina

Campania, Italy | Designer

Francesco Della Femina is an architect, interior and furniture designer, born in Capri. Having designed bespoke furniture for several years, he decided to create his own first public collection in 2014. Mediterranean by heritage, Francesco finds inspiration in the traditional historical beauty, but designs original pieces using clean contemporary lines. Materials are paramount: he works with natural wood and stones, wrought iron, brass and ceramics, as well as the finest fabrics. Every project is bespoke and all pieces are handmade by local Italian artisans.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Durame is a company born in Cantù, the heart of Brianza, one of the most important district for the manufacturing of furniture and pieces of interior design. Durame combines the passion for artisanal woodworking, passed from generation to generation, with the desire to make modern pieces of furniture and original home décor. In these unique objects hand made by expert artisans, a spirit of innovation harmoniously coexist with the finest tradition of Italian design and craftsmanship.

Stefania Boemi

Sicilia, Italy | Ceramist

Stefania Boemi lives and works in Catania, Sicily. The pieces she creates are inspired by carefully researched objects from the past that elicit emotions related to memory. Specifically, objects that are typically Sicilian, which exude her heritage. Stefania breaks down each object, deconstructing and reconstructing it until she has achieved a new utility and mode of interpretation for it. Each of her works is assembled by hand, with an eye to tradition as well as the handcrafted design market.

Giuseppe Rivadossi

Lombardia, Italy | Carpenter

Giuseppe Rivadossi was born in 1935. His first sculpture exhibition was in 1968 and since then his work has been featured in important anthological expositions and art catalogues. With his sons Emanuele and Clemente, he now manages Habito di Giuseppe Rivadossi, an atelier and workshop where his pieces come to life, where wood is hand worked, and assembled predominantly through joints to obtain objects that are both poetic and domestic, ancient and light, material and ethereal.


Lombardia, Italy | Blacksmith

Zeus was founded in 1984 by a group of friends who wanted to share their experiences in the fields of design, fashion and art. Under the brand with the ambitious name of Zeus, they aimed to deliberately “contaminate” each other’s ideas, merging them into a unique and recognizable style. Today, Zeus has blossomed into a self-produced and designed furniture collection with worldwide distribution. A melding of poor and precious materials characterizes our style, where the strength of metals such as stainless steel and iron are paired with living materials such as wood and wax.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

An innovative brand launched in Milan in 2011, Colé created a new way of designing based on all roles in the production chain working very closely together, making sure that everything is created with quality and excellence rather than mass producing products. Whatever the product, they've always collected and created objects that hands have worked to forge, never sacrificing craftsmanship for speed. In collaboration with talented designers, the collections offered by Colé truly exhibit the value of handcrafted and semi industrial work.


Toscana, Italy | Designer

Founded in 1989 in Florence, the heart of Italian art, architecture, and craftsmanship, Devon&Devon is a high-end design and manufacturing company specializing in bespoke interior solutions working alongside architects and contractors. Imbued with a sleek contemporary and classic flair, its flawless and richly-detailed pieces draw inspiration from a sophisticated mixture of styles such as French 18th-century art, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau, the Jazz Age, la Dolce Vita, and the 1950s eclectic modernism.

Dario Alfonsi

Lazio, Italy | Leathersmith

In his workshop in the very heart of Rome, Dario Alfonsi creates handcrafted leather items that last a lifetime. His pieces are lovely to touch, although being durable and with fade-proof colors. Dario selects leathers from the very best Italian tanneries, such as his favorite in Pisa, and only uses vegetable-tanned leather. The small imperfections and wrinkles only highlight the natural beauty of the leather, as each skin is unique. A trip to Dario’s workshop means taking a break from the chaos of the city to connect with an ancient craft.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

The diverse professional background of Milanese artisan Paolo Calcagni included the direction of advertisements for global brands such as Swatch, Vodafone, and l’Oréal. He was also involved as creator and editor of “The Official Point of View”, a visual diary of the Salone del Mobile, the international design show held every year in Milan. This experience in particular made him discover his talent for design. Thus, he founded Sotow, a brand under which he creates unique furniture pieces in iron that revisit classics characterized by playful colors as well as salon elegance.

La Fornasotta

Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

In an old kiln of Murano, in 1966, a young boy set to work the glass. That boy, Gabriele Urban, has now forty-years of experience in glass blowing and is the master of La Fornasotta, that is, "the furnace" in the Venetian language. The homely cooperative environment enriches the creative development of each collection, resulting in amazing combinations of reflections and colors. The creations of La Fornasotta are the result of a wise and skillful use of ancient techniques: from the classic manufacture of glasses and murrine to mosaic tiles and intricate pieces.