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Unique Floral Wallpapers

Explore a curated collection of artisanal floral wallpapers, showcasing exquisite patterns with flowers, forests, and tropical landscapes crafted by exceptionally talented wallpaper artists. Transform your space into a poetic haven by incorporating a hint of nature in either soft or contrasting hues, infusing personality into any room with a handcrafted decorative piece.

Wallpaper is an essential part of interior design, either the focal point of the room, with décor designed to fit the style of the walls, or a well-thought final touch to tie the room together. Botanical and floral prints are often a popular choice that can turn the room into a relaxing space, but the options are not limited to springtime and Japanese-inspired sceneries: pastel hues are paired with darker tones creating contrasting patterns that give any project character and personality.

Explore our selection of floral wallpapers, including ​winter scenes with delicate white flowers by Misha, traditional ​tropical designs with big and bold botanical elements by Larghevedute​patterned scenes with springtime elements by Co.De Wall and more, designed by our excellent Italian artisans.