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Colorful Murano Glassware

Explore our vibrant selection of glasses, chalices, and pitchers crafted from the stunning material originating near Venice, Italy: Murano Glass. With this precious glass, master glassmiths create exquisite pieces. Nason Moretti, Giberto Arrivabene, La Fornasotta, Vaporetto are just a few of the artisans working with this material, and thanks to their design vision, they craft colorful and unique glassware. In our collection, you will find pieces with both a classic, timeless style and more contemporary ones, catering to different style preferences and adding a beautiful Italian touch to your space.

The ancient craft of Murano glass has its roots in a long tradition on the island of Murano, in the Venice lagoon, and has been passed down from generation to generation. This traditional glassblowing technique is deeply ingrained in the territory and involves attaching a piece of glass at the end of a pipe, then physically filling it by blowing air into it and shaping it into the desired object by a skilled artisan.
As true masters of their craft, artisans like Carlo Moretti stay true to the ancient tradition while drawing inspiration from contemporary designs, creating pieces with clean lines and modern decorations. Wave Murano Glass is also successful in this, producing both classic Venetian designs and contemporary pieces while still celebrating the historic Murano glassmaking heritage. They make their glassware using traditional techniques such as incalmo, which involves joining separate glass pieces with heat to create different colored sections, filigree, incorporating white or colored threads to create patterns, or murine, a decorative and complex technique used to craft a wide array of products and sculptures that bring the atmosphere of Murano into your interiors.