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Essential Wood

When it comes to home interiors, wood stands out as a classic and timeless material choice. Renowned for its versatility and adaptability, wood effortlessly complements any style, from rustic to modern and contemporary, infusing your home with a sense of warmth. Explore our curated selection of wooden furniture and décor, showcasing minimalist designs that allow the texture and color of the material to take center stage. Crafted by skilled artisans using maple, oak, ash, and other premium woods, these pieces are perfect for adding a natural touch to your interiors.

Primitive, and essential, this material warms up every interior, imparting a natural imprint to its surroundings. Even with the increasing availability of modern materials, wood remains one of the most popular choices for interior design across various styles. Integrating wooden furniture into your interiors is a fantastic way to infuse them with a natural touch, creating a cozy environment. From coffee tables and bookshelves to dining tables, vases, and other décor options, the possibilities are endless. In this collection, wood takes center stage, with designs that allow the material be the center of attention.

Whether you aim to complete your space with wooden furniture or prefer a more subtle approach, seeking wood accessories, the Essential Wood collection offers a wide range of options to choose from. Witness how mixing and matching different wood tones creates visually appealing contrasts, exemplified in the Seggia Chair by Ornythos. Alternatively, explore the interplay between wood and metal, as seen in the Toc Coffe Table by Durame. Each piece in the collection is meticulously handcrafted by some of the finest Italian artisans with ancient techniques that honour the essence of the material.