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Italian Terracotta

The terracotta color has emerged as one of the prominent trends in interior design, particularly for décor. Its diverse shades have permeated every room, from bedrooms to kitchens, blending seamlessly with the increasingly popular neutral and earthy color palettes. Within this collection, you will discover artisanal décor pieces, including vases and sculptures, that not only introduce a splash of color to your space but also embody centuries-old Italian tradition. These pieces are crafted by some of the finest artisans who have meticulously maintained ancient clay-working techniques, resulting in genuine works of art.

Terracotta is an ancient natural material deeply rooted in the artisanal culture of Mediterranean countries like Italy. The production of terracotta dates back tens of thousands of years; it is one of the oldest materials crafted by humans, used for pots, dishes, tiles, and much more. Thanks to its ability to absorb water, becoming malleable and moldable, it allows the creation of all kinds of objects. Over the years, instead of being used just for its practical qualities, terracotta has become popular due to its gorgeous hues and the heritage intrinsic to it. That is why artisans nowadays choose this material to craft stunning decorative pieces.

In addition to the earthy nuances of Terracotta, its unique texture is what makes a distinctive impact in the decorative pieces crafted with the material. In this collection, different shapes come together to depict a unique heritage in clay molding techniques. Discover the wonderful and colorful details of hand-painted and carved vases by Clara Holt, the traditional planters by Fornace Masini, the sinuous shape of the Almost Home Vase by Bottega Made in Cloister designed by Diego Cibelli, or the blend between terracotta and other materials in the selection of pieces by Seleusi Italian Craftmanship.