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Not an Ordinary Bookcase

Explore a selection of outstanding bookshelves that will make you an avid reader just for the pleasure of collecting books. This exquisite collection of bookcases will change your mind about these underestimated interior elements. With unconventional shapes, colors and materials they can revamp and enrich spaces.

​Let yourself be amazed by unique and unconventional bookcases that will leave you speechless. The collection includes statement elements like the Aura Orbis Copper Totem Shelf designed by Raimondo Sandri for Paratico or the Slate Bookcase designed by Martine Bebin for De Rosso.

Look at magnificent pieces like the Hexagon Bookcase by Eugenio Biselli and the Di Marmo's Portici Bookcase: two new different ways to propose a traditional interior element focusing on the shelves' shape.