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The Roaring 20s: Furniture

A century after the iconic decade that inspired countless artists, the glamorous and luxurious aesthetics of the 1920s continue to influence current interior trends. Explore our selection of furniture inspired by the Roaring Twenties including leather armchairs, wooden design chairs, geometric patterns with bold colors and tables with exquisite metallic accents.

2020 marks a century after the beginning of 1920s, an iconic decade that's remembered today as one of the most influential periods for arts, design and architecture. As the era that saw of the start of the Prohibition in the United States, the secret and luxurious parties that inspired The Great Gatsby and countless other authors and the rise of Jazz as the prominent music genre, the 1920s were named "The Roaring Twenties", an homage to the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the time. With precise aesthetics such as metallic finishes, glamorous patterns and textiles, touches of bold colors on armchairs and sofas while surrounded by a prevailing theme of black and gold, we still se the impact of those revolutionary years on the way we see interior design and craftsmanship today.

Discover the first installment of our 1920s series, beginning with the exploration of iconic furniture handcrafted by the best Italian artisans including leather armchairs by ​Ghidini 1961, geometric bar cabinets with a touch of green by ​Zanaboni, wood and brass consoles by ​Hagit Pincovici, and sideboards with intricate geometric patterns by ​La Casa Grifoni.