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Island Escape in Principe di Salina

Explore the stunning island of Salina in the Aeolian archipelago, a jewel of the Sicilian territory, and discover the charming hotel Principe di Salina towering over the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy a luxurious retreat in this magical location, unwinding after a long day of sunbathing in the private terrace, and explore local culture and Southern Italy’s traditions.

In the Thyrrhenian Sea, just north of Sicily, intense volcanic activity resulted in the formation of the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago composed of seven dreamy island of which two are currently active volcanoes. A region with a rich ancient history, local legends claim the island were the home of demigod of the winds Aeolus, who created and named them.

Salina is the second largest island of the complex, and its name originates from its salt lake that was once used for the production of sea salt. Thanks to its unique vegetation and conformation, the island is included in the World Heritage List, and its silhouette of peaks and valleys grants a stunning view of the surrounding island and Sicilian sea.

In this magical frame, the Principe di Salina Boutique Hotel was established ten years ago in an effort to offer its guests the opportunity of enjoying the unique island life.

Principe di Salina is a boutique Hotel in the town of Malfa, one of the villages of the island, located in one of the greenest are of the Aeolian Islands. The hotel was built ten years ago and completely renovated in 2017 after its acquisition by the current management, focusing on bringing a new soul and a new positioning without changing structure or the history of the building. By working on new interior solutions and modern color palettes, the project allowed the traditional Sicilian architecture to remain true to itself, while bringing a breath of fresh air to the structure.

On the outside areas, neutral colors are used to compliment the magical natural tones of the island that surround the hotel; the sensational light blue Sicilian sky, the mesmerizing black volcanic rocks, the luscious green of the Malvasia Vineyard of the garden and the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

The hotel offers twelve rooms, all equipped with a private terrace, and the building is developed across four stories to reflect the downhill of the mountain, in an elegant descent that perfectly complements the island and integrates the hotel within the surroundings. With large spacious common areas to enjoy the Mediterranean sea view, a living area full of natural light, and a lounge area with luxurious daybeds, the hotel is built to let guests fully kick back and relax.

The decoration throughout the different rooms is inspired by Sicilian traditions and its multicultural history, using the island’s old objects, traditional mural shelves and colorful pillows, carpets lanterns and pots. These different influences and collection intertwine the decorations with objects from around the world represents the owners' passion for travel.

The hotel is build around an infinity pool situated at the mid level of the structure, the perfect setting to enjoy the view​ of the nearby islands of Panarea and Stromboli, and the perfect escape for hot summer days. Every activity at the hotel is highly curated and selected to offer the best possible service combined with authentic Italian tradition: each meal is served on a long, central table, where guests enjoy a homemade meal cooked by the Chef and conviviality is encouraged.

Principe di Salina is a is a place outside of the ordinary yet it perfectly encapsulate Sicilian lifestyle and local treasures, the perfect summer spot to recharge and relax in touch with nature.

​Principe di Salina


Via Nazionale 3, Malfa, Salina – Isole Eolie (Italy)

+39 090 98 44 415

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